The Dreaded TBR: How Do You Deal With It?


Even though we all love reading, there’s something about putting together the books we need to read that strike fear in all our hearts. Doesn’t matter how you decide to read them; pick them at random, titles from a jar or a book pile; you still wind up with far too many books to read.

Or do you?

Book buying bans aren’t the only way to catch up with your reading.

May I introduce the book pile.

Okay, it’s not that revolutionary but it’s actually helped me and my mum. And I feel you could do the same with names in a jar as well if you have a lot of e-books or audiobooks to get through.

A good book pile is made of books that have maybe been on your TBR for a few months or a few years along with more recent books. You should have a mix of different genres so you don’t wind up in a genre rut and try not to have too many books by one author. Unless you’re trying to read a single series in a certain amount of time.

It doesn’t have to be a big pile if it intimidates you too much but it means you don’t have to stress too much about getting through old stuff when you’re still buying new books.

The rule is to not add new books to your pile when you get one you really want to read. You put it aside and you can put it in the next pile. Otherwise, you just wind up ignoring old books and you could be missing out on something amazing just because you were a little less excited about it.

If you’re not into arranging them yourself you can either get someone else to do so or you can write every single book you need to read down on bits of paper and pick them out of a hat. You don’t guarantee variety that way but it’ll get you through them.

So are you planning on starting a book pile? Or are you sticking to your current method?

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