Book Review: Runebinder by Alex R. Kahler

I heard about Runebinder last year before it’s official release and it’s been a book that I’ve been dying to read since. So when I received a free copy of this book through NetGalley in return for an honest review? I was super happy.

Runebinder is a book that feels like a mix between This Savage Song and The Immortal Rules. It was an interesting and very dark read but at moments it could seem a little slow. It focuses on Tenn, a boy whose water magic seems to be starting to control him, just as the Kin – human monsters who want to use him to help them win.

I quite enjoyed the characters in this book. Tenn was an interesting protagonist and I loved the twins. I’d have liked to find out more about them actually. Jarrett and Tomas were okay but I wasn’t a huge fan of either of them. Jarrett was really sweet and a great love interest but that’s also kind of where my problem came from.


My main issue with the book was how fast the relationship did seem to be happening which is a shame. The romance in this book felt like insta-romance. Jarrett and Tenn may have known each other in the past and their need for each other could come from the desperation to hold onto how things were…but it was just too much, too soon. I wanted more build up. They were still sweet and I was happy for them but yeah, just a little fast.

On a brighter note, the world building was so good. There was an interesting use of magic and this was a great post-apocalyptic setting. It fascinated me and I look forward to seeing more of the world.

Problems aside I was intrigued by this book and I do look forward to book 2.

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