The Magic of Roleplaying

So anyone who has spoken with me for more than five minutes about what I spend my time doing would know that I’m a roleplayer. And no, I don’t mean that in the LARP way or the…more adult way ahem. I mean I like writing as a character online whilst creating stories with my friends.

I’ve written plenty of original roleplays that have allowed me to create everything including the world but these days I tend to focus more on fandom roleplay. There’s something fun and relaxing about taking a character I love and playing them in new situations and different worlds. It’s like writing fanfiction but you get an instant response and you’re currently getting responses and feedback. It’s a constant source of fun and inspiration. I love it.

The inspiration is actually why I’m writing this. I’m a writer but for a while now, I’d been struggling to come up with new ideas. I don’t know if it was because I’d focused on one story for too long or because I hadn’t been reading enough fantasy or what. But suddenly I’m roleplaying a fantasy AU with my friends. It’s all I can think about and I want to write fanfiction based off of the idea. Now I’m doing that and I’m reading so much fantasy and suddenly I have new book ideas.

Thanks to roleplaying not only am I being social, which is something I really need more of, but I’m getting the opportunity to explore new ideas. I’ve been roleplaying since I 11 years old and it’s not something I’ve ever really stopped doing.  But I guess, for a while, I wasn’t doing so much and I wasn’t writing much either, I sort of started to…slip. I was reading but that was all and it wasn’t enough to get my brain really going. Now I have stuff to get excited over again and that does my imagination good,

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