Book Review: War Storm by Victoria Aveyard

The Red Queen series is officially over. This is both a joyous and miserable occasion because this was an awesome finale but now there’s no more!


That being said this review will contain SPOILERS as I babble about my feelings. So if you don’t want to know what happens then turn back now!

First things first, let’s talk about the romance. I’ve been on Team Cal since the beginning so the end of King’s Cage was a disappointment but it was necessary. It also meant through a lot of the book, they weren’t together for most of the book.

sarah losing it

BUT that meant that we got some beautiful scenes where Evangeline tried to get them together…

chris bedroom

LONG REIGN CHAPTER 20!!! We all know they got it onnnn.

Unfortunately, they didn’t end the book together but I’m not mad. Because they still love each other but realistically they need the time apart. The country is in upheaval, they’ve just through hell and they need to find who they are apart before they can be together forever. Plus Mare did just kill Maven. Evil or not, he was still Cal’s brother and Cal will eventually see that it’s for the best.

Now onto Maven. I’m glad he wasn’t redeemed. I didn’t see how he could be but that doesn’t stop some YA authors. So it’s nice to see an author saying, yes, horrible things made him that but that doesn’t make the stuff he did excusable. Broken doesn’t always equal saveable and love doesn’t fix everything. It was realistic that he couldn’t be saved so this was great.

The final note is that I just love Evangeline now? She’s emotional but kickass, strong but torn and everything¬† I had wanted Manon to be in the ToG books. A terrifying, loyal and powerful lesbian. Praise!

This was an amazing book and I love this series so much.


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