Bookstagram on a Budget

Hello, Hello, Hello Friends!


Isn’t this photo pretty? Would you believe that aspects of this were done on a budget? I don’t exactly have much money. I don’t currently have a job so I wind up taking photos of the books I own already but I’ve been trying to do so with some twists.

I thought I’d share my suggestions so you can try them out yourself!

Getting Bored of your Background?

The same walls, blankets, floors etc can get a little dull. We don’t want to be taking the same photos over and over but sometimes we just lose inspiration. I’ve seen people buy backdrops especially for photography but I can’t afford that!

So what if there was a way to get a variety of backdrops for free?

There is – wallpaper samples!

Don’t take the piss with this but most stores that sell wallpaper will allow you to take a fair sized sample for free. You won’t want anything too big anyway but with wood and brick wallpapers among other things – you can often find stuff for flat lays and walls just so you can change things up a bit every now and then! I didn’t actually figure this out for myself. My sister, who works in a store where they sell wallpaper, had the idea and suggested it to me. Both the floor and wall in this photo are wallpaper samples.

Don’t Be Afraid to Borrow

I don’t have many props myself but I get candles and other things from my family. As long as you let them know, they won’t mind.

And hey, it’ll give them some ideas of what to buy you present wise!

There’s also the library if you need more books to read. Just take the plastic slipcase off of the books to avoid shine and it’ll look as good as if you bought it yourself.

You Don’t Need to Buy Specific Bookish Merch

It’s fun to get and of course, you’re gonna wanna share it.

But if you can’t afford it then plastic flowers, general candles whether scented or not or plain pillows from a cheap shop can work just as well. You can customise things yourself if you have the skills but if not it’s just as good plain.

Last but not least

Save for your Bookstagram

Whether the money goes towards the new books we all crave or whether you save for a little light box or some of those candles we all covet, just put some aside. You can ask for stuff for presents as well.

It doesn’t matter if you can’t buy this stuff every month or if you can’t get new books straight away. There’s always cheap ways to give you more to photograph.

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