Pins, Charms and T-Shirts – Anime Fan-Merch Shops!

Part of what I’m trying to do with this blog is open it up to more things I love. I’m a huge fan of anime, manga and video games. They take up a lot of my time and they’re a lot of my inspiration for my writing.

So unsurprisingly, I like buying pins and other things and since I went to the London Comic Con back in May, I’ve kind of been on a spree to buy a lot of things.

The shops I’m listing are only a few of the ones I’ve bought from but they’re all worth buying from!

  1. Ohayou Clothing


Oh man, I love this shop so much. I’ve bought a variety of things from Chrissy; a mug, a pillow, badges and pins. The service is great, the art adorable and they have such a great variety.

I’m always wanting to buy more from them and at the moment I’m waiting for more money and for certain things to become available as I need them. These guys are the first shop I always recommend.

You can check them out on Instagram and find their shop here.

2. Tea No Sugar


So I found this shop through someone else pointing out the Kickstarter for their BNHA summer pins. I loved how cute the designs were and had to get them. Since then I’ve bought a t-shirt from them which I love and have gotten a pin as a present for a friend. The service was excellent – the day I ordered my second package from them I got a dispatch email later that day which is fast from a small business – and I’ve enjoyed chatting a little with them as well.

They’ve got so many cute designs and I really want to get more. They’ve even done some face masks like the new League of Legends music video. I don’t even play the game but I love the aesthetic and totally need to get that mask at some point.

You can follow them on Instagram here or shop their Etsy.

3. Elf.Boi/Heikky

Nnnnn I really love Theo’s art style. It’s so pretty! I have a poster print by them I got with a zine she was included in as well as a charm. I’m hoping to get one of her sweater’s for Christmas too if my friend can manage to get it for me. I’ve spoken a little with her on insta and she seems lovely. This is a smaller shop than some of the others but there is something else…

They’re posting a web-comic! It’s a cute and funny fantasy strip based on a D&D campaign they’ve done. I’m expecting it to get angsty at some point but it’s pretty awesome so far.

You can read the webcomic, follow them Instagram and check out their Etsy store!

That’s it for now! Do you have any merch recs? Shoot them my way!

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