Book Review: Enchantee by Gita Trelease

I’ve not had much luck with ARCs recently. I’ve not really enjoyed a lot of the ones I’ve been lucky to be granted. But Enchantee finally bucked the trend! I got a free e-book copy through NetGalley and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Enchantee a historical fantasy novel set around the eve of the French revolution. Camille and her family are incredibly poor and the only chance of survival is if Camille practices la magie ordinaire. But changing coins only lasts so long and soon she has to change herself and step through the gates of Versailles to have any hope of surviving.

The Good

The world building in this book was phenomenal! The magic was so interesting and fantastic. I loved all the courtly intrigue and learning about the cost of magic as it went on. Some of the description was so interesting and I found the idea of the glamoire really interesting. It’s something that I’ve only really seen with the fae in the past so it’s interesting to see how it can be used in a different light. Seriously, this was me with all the magic:

The characters were also really interesting and the whole story was a pretty fun journey. It also seemed historically accurate but…I don’t really know that much about French History. But honestly, this book made me want to learn more.

The Bad

Near the end, I did start getting a little bored. Lying was a common theme which made sense. But when it’s the same unnecessary lie over and over and a character is agonizing over it…things get a little dull.

It wasn’t enough to put me off the book but it did make me roll my eyes a little. I know the lying was so certain things in the plot would happen but I just get so tired of it.

Final Thoughts

This was a pretty damn good book. I’d like to think this book was the end of my slump. I truly enjoyed it.

4/5 stars

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