Book Review: Bloodwitch by Susan Dennard

What’s this? An ARC review? For one of the most anticipated reads of next year?

That’s right!

Thanks to Netgalley I was lucky enough to get a copy of Bloodwitch to review and what a rollercoaster of a read it was!

I must admit, I wasn’t hugely excited for this particular volume. Each of the Witchlands books, including the Sightwitch novella, have gotten better with each book. But it was Adeduan’s book and I wasn’t a huge fan of his character.

Until now.

Bloodwitch keeps all the main characters mostly separate. If they’re together in the beginning, they will separate and it meant you got a lot of different perspectives and new characters. But it worked so well. My favourite by far was Vivia but my problem is whether I ship her with Stix or Vaness. Well…until the ending, no spoilers, but man, they’d both be so cute.

I do kind of wish there was more of Cam though.

As usual, the world building was excellent. It was nice seeing the past we were shown in Sightwitch starting to be tied in more and that completely fascinated me. Dennard is so good when it comes to world-building, I’m slightly envious.


This was a hugely enjoyable read and you’ll find pre-order links below.

Amazon UK / The Book Depository / Wordery

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