Fierce Fantasy at Waterstones Norwich

So, apparently, the coding course I’ve started completely scuppered any and all plans I had to get back into writing and blogging and the like in June. But after having attended a book event at Waterstones Norwich as a blogger friend’s plus one, I’ve been inspired to get my arse back into gear. Finally.

On Monday 29th July, Waterstones Norwich was host to the Fierce Fantasy event with three wonderful authors on the panel; Christine Lynn Herman with her debut The Devouring Gray, Adrienne Young with her debut Sky in the Deep and Sarah Maria Griffin with her second book Other Words for Smoke.

Before the event I had already bought and read copies of The Devouring Gray and Sky in the Deep because I’d heard of them through social media and was excited even before release. Out of the two I enjoyed Sky in the Deep more but both books were pretty good and I was excited to meet their authors. I hadn’t really heard of Other Words for Smoke before the event was pointed out to me but hearing about the book and meeting Sarah has made me really excited to read it. Seriously, Sarah was so nice and was like the only person I’ve met who knows the Irish fairytale my current WIP is based off XD.

The event itself was pretty enjoyable. Due to there being three different authors the questions did all have to be kind of open but due to that I really wound up thinking about my own writing. Points were made how romance in YA isn’t necessary and how it can be portrayed in so many different ways now – slowburn anyone? – and how YA is read by so many readers because we never stop learning about ourselves. And at it’s heart, that’s what YA is about. Teenagers looking for their place in the world and finding out who they really are.

I think, within my own writing, that wasn’t really anything I’d thought about. It was there but I hadn’t really paid any attention to that aspect and maybe I should have… It’s gotten me wanting to go back over things at any rate.

Highlight of the night was Sarah’s face when asked what her characters would be doing in a coffee shop AU. Most of us love fanfiction but she hadn’t thought about her own characters in such a way before and seemed completely inspired. It was hilarious and I’m not gonna lie, a little adorable. She just seems so damn excited by the idea. This is what I go to book events for, man. The authors excitement over their own writing.

The Fierce Fantasy panel was a small event but it was as friendly and nicely organised as I’ve come to expect from the Norwich Waterstones. I spend enough time in there generally but I hope to go back for another event soon.

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