Playing With Words – A Book/Game Recommendation

My followers might not know this but I’m a gamer. Maybe not a massive one considering the fact I don’t play online and I get bored if I sit down too long to play a game.

But I love video games for the same reasons I love books.

I love meeting new stories and characters

So I thought why not combine the two things? I’ll play games, I’ll review them and I’ll compare the game to a book or two depending on how many I can find.

So you’ll know if you like that game or that book – you might like the other.

The game I’m currently playing is Atelier Lydie and Suelle for the Nintendo Switch. It’s an adorable JRPG focusing on a pair of twin sisters as they complete quests and collect ingredients in the hope of one day running the best atelier in the land.

The game mechanics are pretty simple. You can easily jump between locations, collect items and if you want to battle an enemy you run into them. The battle system is turn-based and you learn new skills and attacks as you level up. You’ll get the hang of it quickly and with the to do list and ambition journal you can work out where you are easily if you put the game down for a while.

And did I say it’s really cute? Yeah, I did but it’s worth saying again. If you’re into cutesy games this is definitely one for you. My favourite design is the character of Alt. He’s an androgynous and super pretty boy I want to protect.

Book Comparison

So I actually found this a little difficult because to me Atelier Lydie and Suelle rings middle-grade. It rings something bright and magical and colourful.

And I haven’t read a huge variety of middle grade – though I’m working on that – since I was a little kid.

But then I remembered The Confectioner’s Guild by Clare Luana. This book is a YA fantasy and mystery with a massive focus on, well, sweets.

The world building in the book was so colourful and fascinating that it ensnared me. And made me super hungry too. So this book focuses on cooking when the game focuses on synthesizing in a cauldron.

But both have these wonderful stories that focus on creation and are so imaginative that they’ll leave you wanting to visit their worlds.

So if you’re hungry for some deliciously sweet media then check out the book, the game or both!

The Game | The Book

Havea game or a book that you want me to review and compare then please shoot it my way. You can leave a comment below.

OR if you’ve played the game or read the book let me know what you think about them too!

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