Review: A Touch of Death by Rebecca Crunden

I’ve been so picky recently on what books I review and and what I turn down. So when I was offered a book that sounded right up my alley for the…first time in a while. So when I was offered a copy of this book I had to agree to read it and I’m glad I did.

Even if I’ve been slow with the review!

Title: A Touch of Cold
Author: Rebecca Crunden
Age Range: YA
Genre: Sci-Fi (dystopian)
Publisher: Self-published
Release: 23rd February 2017

Buy Link: Amazon UK

I hadn’t heard of A Touch of Death before Rebecca contacted me and I never would have found it. But the summary intrigued me so rather than turning it down as I have most books recently – I agreed to review it and I’m glad I did.

The world building in this book was fascinating. Something happened that led humans to live underground and when they came back up the world had changed. There was bits and pieces on the history and experiments but I wanted more. I’m definitely going to read on so I can paint a bigger picture.

Kitty and Nate were both great characters. Kitty did annoy me a bit at first but at the end. Wow. She really is firey now and I like it. But I liked Nate best. I also liked that the book references different sexualities and made them seem a norm. Even if they don’t seem be encouraged for population issues.

I did have a few issues. There was a lot of smoking and drinking which I don’t really like in a YA book. Even if they arent likely to get cancer it was just a bit… Yeah. I also found the book a bit slow. Its not really chaptered and just set in five really long parts. As someone who doesn’t like putting a book down mid-chapter this was a might are for me. But I persevered through the slow and the ending was paced better.

Overall I did enjoy the book and would highly recommend you giving it a chance. I’m planning on picking up book two in the new year!

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