Review: The Electric Heir by Victoria Lee

For those who are new here, I’m big on reading and reviewing queer genre books. I want to enjoy them and shout about them to the world even when the queerness isn’t specific to me.

So when I heard about The Fever King last year it was an immediate pre-order and 5 stars when I finished it. The moment I saw the sequel on NetGalley, I knew I had to request it. And I was so lucky to be granted a copy.

Title: A Electric Heir
Author: Victoria Lee
Age Range: YA
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Dystopian
Publisher: Skyscape
Release: 17th March 2020

Buy Link: Amazon UK (will also be on Kindle Unlimited)

Where do I even start with this book… So it starts a few months after the end of the first book. Noam is working with and is involved with Lehrer and Dara survived the QZ only to return to Carolinia with rebels.

From the start this book is obviously going to be action-packed and very dark. There are a lot of hard to read scenes related to child abuse, domestic abuse, suicidal thoughts, alcoholism and rape. It’s a pretty hard read but you keep rooting for the characters throughout. You want them to survive, to beat Lehrer and their own issues. And without giving any spoilers the ending does give you those warm fuzzy feelings that some of that has started.

The characters in this book are complicated. They’re dealing with issues, they’re often morally grey and they feel real. There’s plenty of moments where you’ll love them then hate them. As a villain Lehrer has been an interesting choice from the off. Part of you wants to feel for him due to his past but you look at all he’s willing to do and you can’t. He’s a cold, cruel person but sometimes you can’t help but question if his end goal is right. Once again I loved Noam and I loved Dara. They both frustrated me to no end but I at least understood why they might make those decisions. And I’m so proud of them for some of them.

The romance is great and that’s all I’m going to say on that matter. I adore Noam and Dara so much.

I don’t really know what else to say. I could go on about the world building for hours. The intricacies of the plot. The diversity. This duology is just everything I wanted it to be and I’m so filled with emotion. I need other people to read it so I have people to fan with.

This book is a definite 5 star recommendation.

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