Bookish Resolutions

So maybe this is a little late. It’s mid-January but better late than never, right?

One of the things I want to do this year is get more involved with the bookish community. I read a lot anyway but there’s other things I want to do that are related to books. Chatting more about them, blogging more and getting the chance to share my love for books and bookish goodies.

So I thought up some things I’d like to do this year and I want to share them with you all!

Review More Books

For a while I was trying to review every book that I read but that was back when GoodReads was holding giveaways outside of the US. I reviewed a lot in the hope that would grant me more opportunities. These days I just give a star rating.

But I have this blog so I want to let you all know what I think about the books I read. And do so with more detail then a star rating gives.

Follow More Blogs

The more reading blogs I follow, the more books I’ll discover, right? Plus the more friends I can make who love to read. I’d like to get more readers myself and this could help.

Try A New TBR

I’ve been watching more booktube again and I’ve come across different people doing TBR games. I don’t want to go that far but the thought of bringing some randomness to the way I pick my books might help.

Especially if I throw my e-books in with my physical books in a TBR jar or something. Maybe I’ll finally actually be able to get through them.

I also want to try out doing some readathons and stuff.

Use Social Media/this Blog More

Seriously. The more I write on here and the more I interact the better. If I want to get anywhere with this blogging thing then I need to be putting myself out there.

If I do that then it’s bound to be plenty of fun.

So that’s it – do you have any bookish resolutions that don’t relate to actual reading for this year? Let me know!

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