Review: Would Like to Meet by Rachel Winters

I received a free copy of this book through NetGalley in return for an honest review.

It’s not a secret that though I’m not a huge fan of romance novels, I adore chick-lit. There’s something so easy to read and fun. I love losing myself in these women’s lives.

Would Like to Meet was a book that I’ve had an arc of for a while but it took me ages to get to. But when I did, I devoured it. It follows Evie Summers, a publishing assistant who had always wanted to be a screenwriter. When a famous screenwriter refuses to write a rom-com until he believes they’re realistic, Evie has to recreate famous movie meet cutes to prove they can lead to love.

Evie was a great main character. She was cautious, funny and I share her appreciation for a good rom-com. Her friends were great and the romance though obvious was so cute. This book contains one of my favourite tropes where a kid tries to bring a couple together and it’s both hilarious and adorable.

I’m seriously going to have to buy a physical copy of this book as soon as I can because I want to hug it to my chest.

5/5 stars

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