Blog Tour: A Noble’s Path by I.L Cruz

The Enchanted Isles series is bound to be one you’ve never heard of. It’s an indie series written by an author called I.L Cruz. It’s a YA fantasy series that focuses on a girl called Inez. She’s noble born but chooses to make a living as a smuggler to help out a rebel cause. Sounds interesting, right?

A Smuggler’s Path is the first book but the second book is out now and is called A Noble’s Path. And it’s definitely a good time to start the series.

This is a good series that’s suitable for young teens. It’s very much your typical YA fantasy with a girl stumbling across magic and finding out she’s connected to something bigger. She’s involved with a rebellion and is also in love with a prince. Life couldn’t get more complicated, right? But it’s so fun. Cruz has created an interesting world and some really good characters. One of my favourites is Inez’s friend Meiri. She’s proper, yeah but smart with a secret rebellious nature. And is in love with another smuggler as well. It’s so good, dammit.

I’ll focus a little on the second book now but I’ll try not to spoil the first as I want people to read that too. It starts off a few weeks after the first book with Inez having to keep her promise from the end of the first. She isn’t happy about it and has to make another deal to keep her smuggling career in place. As well as that she winds up tied up in a magical case involving sheep and is totally avoiding her favourite milkshake place. Milkshakes are a big thing in this series and in the second book the Portuguese dessert natas were mentioned and I so wish I wasn’t in self-isolation so I could go get some now. I love them.

You’ll find buy links for both books below so check out this book guys. Maybe get it for some of the younger teens with plenty of time in your life.

You won’t regret it.

A Smuggler’s Path (Book 1) – Amazon

A Noble’s Path (Book 2) – Amazon

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