Book Review: Everything is Fine by Gillian Harvey

What’s this? Another ARC review for a chick-lit book from NetGalley? It’s almost like I’m actually reading these nice and cosy books. And it’s true, I am and I’m happy to be here with another review!

Everything is Fine is a chick-lit novel that focuses on Jessica, a woman in her 30’s with her own PR company, a fitness blog and a 12 year old daughter called Anna. But like many of us, Jessica’s blog and social media doesn’t really show the real her and now with her boyfriend just having left her and her work starting to make things more difficult, her lies are starting to catch up with her.

I had incredibly mixed feelings about this book. It wasn’t like it was a bad book but it wasn’t exactly what I’d describe as good either. The first half of the book was very slow and with the plot being set up and the reader seeing how Jess’s lies are getting bigger and bigger. It’s one thing to be lying about going to the gym and eating healthy, that’s fine, but not telling your daughter that your boyfriend has left? Yeah, I’m not so sure about that.

But around 50% things start to break down more and more and I actually got through the last part pretty quickly. I found it more enjoyable and it had amusing moments but I still didn’t laugh out loud. Not really. But I wasn’t rolling my eyes either. You see my problem? Even my reactions were mixed!

What I did enjoy this book was the family relationships. I do love a good sibling relationship and even if she complained about her parents you could see they really did care for her. I might have had some issues with her own parenting of Anna but at least she got along with her ex and she did try to be there for her. She just got a little bit too self-involved for a bit. I also enjoyed the career side for similar reasons. It was fun seeing all her different clients and how much effort she did put in with them.

I also wish there had been a little more romance. No it’s not necessary in chick-lit but it could have made it a bit more fun.

All I can really say about this book is suggest that you do check it out yourself to form your own opinion. I waited until the next day to write this review after my GoodReads review and I still don’t have a better idea of what I really though.

So with mixed feelings I give this book:

3 Stars

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