Attack of the UK Book Box

I recently wrote a post on building your own book box but there are plenty out there to choose from. I’d love to get some of the U.S ones but looking at the cost of shipping makes me cry so I’ve been working through the UK ones.

I’ve tried what I’d consider the main 4 boxes for UK YA book boxes – the ones that often if not always feature fantasy books – and I thought I’d share the good things about them and which I think is most worth the money.

FairyLoot – £26

  • The titles often turn out to be popular
  • Fancy special editions with new covers, embossing and art on the dustjacket
  • Sometimes have come with reading journals
  • A good variety of items


  • They seem to feature books with queer ships as the main focus a little more often
  • Special editions with original covers
  • The items tend to be practical
  • They do a book only subscription for £17 for those with less money

Book Box Club – £28.99

  • They do a mix of genres including some contemporary books.
  • The items tend to be a bit more general so you don’t have to be into fandoms.
  • They do chats with the author of the monthly book you get invited to.
  • They also now have a middle grade book box too!

Book Hooked Box – £26

  • The books tend to not be the new popular read so you don’t have to worry about it clashing with other boxes
  • You always get something sweet and the option for hot chocolate
  • It’s bi-monthly so you’re only spending £26 every two months.
  • If you’re in the UK they ship free!

The Best for Value

I’ve actually chosen two boxes for the highest rating. They’re both the same price but it feels like they’re suited for different people and should both be lauded.

If you want a traditional book box with a special edition, lots of items and lots of fans then check out FairyLoot. There is the odd dud box but mostly they seem to be really well sourced, put together and I love them

If you don’t want too much clutter and you know what you want then Book Hooked Box is for you. You’ll always get a lesser known book, a sweet treat and a candle. It’s basically everything a book lover could want with maybe one extra bit of merch that’s likely to be focused around self-care.

If you’ve gotten any of these or now hope to in the future then let me know

4 thoughts on “Attack of the UK Book Box

  1. Ah I’m so happy you included Book Hooked Box! It’s my absolute fave! It’s so good for value for money, the books are great and I always use everything in the box too 🙂


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