Emblemathon – A Fire Emblem Three Houses Readathon – 13th to 26th July

Emblemathon is the Fire Emblem Three Houses inspired readathon that I’m running this July.

I’ve been wanting to arrange some sort of bookish event for a while but I wasn’t sure how well it would work. In a chat with booktubers Jade and G, I found the courage to actually get my arse into gear and do it. An event that’ll highlight the things I love and I’ll have fun with even if it just ends up being me and a few friends.

It’ll be a fun event that’s working as a competition but since there’s no prizes I’m hoping everyone will just be along for the friendly ribbing and collecting points.

The three houses are the main three houses you can pick in the game. You pick one and you choose three prompts or characters from that house. You can either pick characters just because you like them or the look of them and do whatever prompt you get. Or you can pick the prompts specifically if you don’t know anything about the game and just want another readathon to participate in.

Every completed book will net you 5 points for your team for a top score of 20 possible per person.

The houses are as follows:

Black Eagles

Blue Lions

Golden Deer

Bonus Prompts

If you complete three books or just know that you want to read four then you can pick a bonus prompt.

This prompt can be one of the characters from either of the two houses you didn’t pick or there’s a selection of bonus prompts you can use instead.

Recording Your Reads

To record your reads I’ve put together a handy little form.

All you’ll need to do is select your house, the prompt and tell us what book you’ve read. The points for each will then go towards your house.

You can use the same book for multiple prompts but if you want to collect the points you’ll have to fill in the form multiple times for the prompts you’ve picked.

And that’s it!

I’ll be holding a few reading sprints during the event, maybe some other mini-challenges too but I’m just hoping that this’ll be a fun readathon linking my love of gaming with my love of reading.

If you’re thinking of participating then comment below and let me know what house or prompts you’re thinking of.

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