Share Your Pride – Queer Book Recs

June is Pride Month and though I love reading queer books all year long but since we’re all showing support this month I thought it might be time for me to share some of my favourite queer reads!

Reign of the Fallen by Sarah Glenn Marsh (Bi and WLW Rep)

Reign of the Fallen follows a young necromancer in a society where the dead of the rich get to be brought back and continue on their lives after death. She and her friends raise the dead but when something goes wrong and the dead get more dangerous, Odessa has to get involved.

I do have to give warnings for grief and drug abuse as these are pretty prevalent themes but they’re written so well and this book is just so good.

Mask of Shadows by Linsey Miller (Genderfluid Rep)

Mask of Shadows focuses on Sallot (Sal) Leon a genderfluid rogue who has entered a competition to become the queen’s assassin. They find the invitation after robbing a pretty girl in a coach and then their story begins.

Though this book isn’t own voices it was so good. It pleased my genderfluid heart so much, I loved seeing some of myself in this book so much. There was fun adventure, epic violence and cute as fuck romance. A definite rec.

The Last 8 by Laura Pohl (Pansexual Aromantic Rep)

Time for some Sci Fi. The Last 8 focuses on Clover Martinez, a latinx teen who during an alien invasion loses all her friends and family. After travelling to Area 51 she joins the Last Teenagers Alive as they attempt to fight back.

I listened to this book solely in audio book but I’m going to have to buy physical copies of these books. There was a lot of diversity and though there was definitely some difficult themes like death and suicidal ideation…it was a really good book and definitely one people don’t talk about enough.

The Fever King by Victoria Lee (MLM rep)

The Fever King is a dystopian fantasy with a web-comic version so there’s multiple ways to check this series out.

It focuses on Noam, an immigrant boy who after contracting a sickness winds up gaining powers. He joins the military and wounds up training under their leader Cahill Leher which causes difficulties with him and Leher’s adopted son Dara.

Once again this has trigger warnings for drinking, drugs and CSA. It’s pretty damn dark but they’re so good.

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