Book Review: One to Watch by Kate Stayman-London

I seem to be reading and reviewing a fair bit of chick-lit recently but not often picking it up otherwise.


But, yes, I am back with another chick-lit review and this time it’s One to Watch by Kate Stayman-London. This book is being published by Two Roads press and is going to be out on July 7th!

It focuses on Bea Shumacher, a plus-size fashion blogger and social media influencer. As someone who loves fashion, she’s well aware of what people, especially men, think about larger women. So when drunk one night, she winds up posting a long rant on Twitter about the diversity of dating show the Main Squeeze that causes a lot of viewers to stop watching. To bring them back, Bea is asked to appear on the show herself and though she’s getting over former love Ray and isn’t planning on looking for love, she agrees in the hope of improving her career.

This book was an incredibly fun read. I loved Bea as a character and seeing her struggle with her appearance was emotional but you get it at the same time. Her relationship with these super attractive guys is really interesting as she doesn’t really believe they would like her and it’s fun to see her start seeing that she does deserve love. The guys she meets are interesting and varied and they really are diverse. But that diversity doesn’t feel forced. It’s just what Bea wanted and it helped make the world feel all the more like the real one.

There was also a hint of ace/aro representation which I loved.

The book was separated using multimedia extracts from podcast transcripts, twitter threads to articles and slack chats all about the show. I love multimedia in chick-lit and it’s a really clever way of moving the story forward. Especially when it gives you a little preview of what’s coming up ahead.

This book was completely enjoyable and a wonderful example of American chick-lit. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing what else Stayman-London comes up with in the future as I definitely want to read whatever it is!

4 stars

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