Book Review: Fable by Adrienne Young

Fable was a book that I’ve been so excited about for a while now even before I really knew what it was about. It was one of my most anticipated reads for later this year – possible even next year here in the UK, I’m not sure – so the moment I saw it was available as a Read Now book on NetGalley? I downloaded it straight away.

Fable follows the titular main character as she fights to escape off the island she was abandoned on and travel back home to prove to her father that she’s strong enough to work for him. Only it’s not that simple with the ship that saved her not wanting her and there being many other dangerous people around.

This book had some excellent worldbuilding in it. I did maybe expect a little more magic. Fable has this ability with gems but not much detail has been given on that yet. So it wasn’t perfect. But I loved how dark the world was. No one was really safe on any of the islands and all the characters are fighting to survive in their own way. This made for something fascinating and I’m hoping in the next book we can maybe explore the Unnamed Sea and Bastien.

The characters were pretty good. I didn’t have issues with any of them but I also didn’t really feel like you got to know any of them other than Fable all that well. But I think that’s mostly because they were pushing Fable away for a lot of the book and that’ll be improved upon in the next one. I also was a little disappointed in the romance. I seem to be finding that a lot recently where the main focus of these YA books is on the settings and plot and characters which is completely amazing. But then there’s romance that if it’s going to be in there seriously needs to be built on.

But I think this was definitely my favourite of Adrienne Young’s books so far and I’m so excited that it’s the first book in a series.

Roll on the next one!

3/5 stars

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