How to Ace NetGalley!

If you’re a book blogger, booktuber, bookstagrammer or anything like that then you’re most likely familiar with NetGalley. It’s an online service that allows you to request early copies of books in return for a review.

When you first join it’s so amazing! All these early books you could ask to read and review! Not to mention the books you can just click download on and read straight away.

It can get a little bit overwhelming and I know sometimes people can get a little over the top when it comes to requesting.

I’ve been on NetGalley a few years and my score hasn’t gone under the ideal 80%. Right now it’s on 93% with more books than I’d like on my shelf so I thought I’d offer up some advice!

Watch what you request


This sounds really obvious but don’t request too many books. It’s easily done. You’ll see a load you want to read or you’ll be certain that you won’t get every book you ask for and then…you have them all and suddenly you have ten books you need to read and then a few days later another five.

Before requesting a book check the publication date, check how many books you’ve already got and decide whether you could read it on time before requesting. The reality is you won’t get every book but you can’t use that as a reason why you request so many as otherwise you will get overwhelmed.

Make sure you fit them in

You obviously don’t have to review books before publication date if you really don’t have time or don’t feel like it but ideally you should be aiming for this.

You’re being given these books in return for reviews and you’re getting them pre-publication to support these books as they release. So you need to aim to read them before these dates and not just let them pile up.

This means that you need to be reading them with every other book you get. If you have new and backlist titles you need to be or want to be reading try fitting an e-arc in between them. You don’t need to be reading arcs all the time but if you’re requesting them you need to do so pretty regularly.

Play around with where you read them

If you’re struggling it could be you need to find a way for it to be more comfortable.

I read mine on my phone but some people prefer using their kindle and if it’s hard on your eyes then you can get some pretty large tablets to read off.

NetGalley now offer an app of their own which is great as it means you don’t need a separate app for the files that don’t work on Kindle. You can use it to listen to their audio books but that’s kinda glitchy right now. The files on this app are automatically available without sending them to anything but they’re formatted exactly how the publisher sends them. So texts and stuff can be laid out nicely and sometimes you get page numbers. But they can be a pain to read a lot of the time.

Reading on a kindle or the app can also be a pain but it tends to make all the pages look the same and there also tends to be more words on the pages which is easier for reading quicker.

So take your preference but both work pretty well – you just need to see what works best for you.

Just enjoy reading!

I don’t know about you guys but even though I love reading, when I wind up requesting too many having to read them all begins to feel like a job.

There’s no point in that.

Try not to over exert yourself or you won’t give these books the good reviews they might deserve as you’re forcing yourself to read too much. Pace yourself with requesting, reading and make sure you pick up some damn good books.

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