Choose Your Own TBR Adventure #2

This TBR game is a continuation of the ideal ending from #1. This means this month is a little shorter as a continuation but next month’s will be a brand new story.

The video for this will be up on my Youtube Channel on 26th August so please come and watch me play it! If you want to have a go at this yourself then do so and let me know how it goes!

The room you found yourself in was smaller and darker than expected. After escaping trouble and near death you feel like you should be relieved to be sat there.

But the room they had led you to only had enough space for one person. It was essentially a cupboard where they had left you to discuss what should be done with you.

You’re not hugely happy about this but what were your other options?

  • Stay and wait – you’ll wait as long as necessary (go to 6)
  • Try to sneak out (go to 8)
  • See if you can hear through the door (go to 3)



Post a poll on social media asking what you should read

The family look between each other. It appears they must have silently had some sort of conversation as they use magic to close the door behind you.

The room quiets and they all separate until they’re standing in front of the three doors.

“Follow us” they all say as one and you gulp.

Clearly they can’t expect you to follow them all as they’ve separated with intent.

Who do you follow?

  • The mother (go to 13)
  • The teenager (go to 14)
  • The child (go to 11)



Pick a book blindly

You sit as still as you can in the cupboard.

The breeze grows stronger and you hear footsteps behind you. Tensing up, you try to call to your magic but you’re beginning to panic.

A hand lands on your shoulder.

Your spell fails.

  • Lash out at the person behind you (go to 16)
  • Try not to react – this has to be part of the test still. (go to 7)



Listen to an audiobook

You press your ear to the door but the wood is thick and you can’t hear much.

Biting your bottom lip, you step away to pull the door open very slightly so you can peek outside.

There’s three women stood out there, not looking at you but not talking either.

How curious.

  • Open the door further and see what’s going on (go to 8)
  • Sit back and wait to see if they come to you (go to 12)
  • This can only be a trick – close the door for now and get ready to fight (go to 10)



Read a book you think will have a lot of action in

You whirl around to see a masked man standing behind you.

Shaggy hair hangs around his face and he looks tired as you attempt to throw a spell at him.

But it doesn’t work.

What. No. This couldn’t be happening.

You try again but nothing works.

There’s something here limiting your magic but the man doesn’t appear to be moving closer to you at least.

  • Ask him what’s going on (go to 11)
  • Turn around and run out the front door (go to 5)



A book you’ll not sure if you’ll like or not

You run out of the door, almost running into what had to be a family. You blink at them for a few seconds but you’re still rattled.

They all look at you and clearly they have something to say.

But you hear a noise from the cupboard behind you.

There’s three doors behind the family that you could run through but you don’t know where they lead. You could ask for help but you don’t know if they can be trusted.

What do you do?

  • Ask for help (go to 1)
  • Run towards one of the doors (go to 15)



Read a book that has been on your TBR for a long time

Patience is an important skill.

You could have hours to wait during missions for the rebellion. You might as well get into practice.

Sitting down on the ground, you close your eyes and try to distract yourself from the size and darkness of the closet.

You could do this. It was just a little bit of waiting.


A cool breeze assaulted the back of your head as the wall behind you opened.

What do you do?

  • Barrel out the door – you fought too hard to get down here alive (go to 5)
  • Stay still – this could be a test and you won’t lose (go to 2)
  • Turn around and prepare a spell to fight whoever it is (go to 4)



Read a novella or short story collection

The hand squeezes your shoulder and you hear a heavy sigh.

“We thought you’d be smarter than that.”

The hand reaches up to touch your hair but before you can move away, they’ve smacked you in the head with something hard.




Read your most recent purchase

Whoever these people are you don’t know them and you don’t know if you can trust them.

How can they expect you to just sit inside and wait?

You push open the door, walking on your tiptoes as if that would really help you sneak around.

Turns out that wasn’t necessary as a family of three stands there waiting for you.

A middle aged woman, a teenager and a girl who had to be a few years younger.

They stood there, blinking at you, before their lips curled up in the exact same smile.

“Greetings. Would you care to follow us?”

The family separates, each of them standing in front of a different door with their hand on the handle.

They weren’t squabbling and they weren’t specifically telling you which to go with.

Who do you follow?

  • The mother (go to 13)
  • The teenager (go to 14)
  • The child (go to 11)



Read a manga book or graphic novel

The man studies you like he thinks you might be an idiot and gestures you forward.

You step forward and try to use a spell but it doesn’t work.

For some reason you can’t use your magic.


You have two options:

  • Turn around and run out the door (go to 5)
  • Try to fight him with your fists (go to 16)



Read a fantasy novel

You close the door again, getting into a fighting stance as you summon a spell.

Then with your free hand, you open the door and send it flying at the family.

They gasp scurrying into their doors as you step out and look around. You breathe a sigh of relief and look around.

You’re not surprised when the door on the left opens and the man you met at the port steps out.

“What exactly do you think you’re doing.”

  • You’re on a roll – try to attack him too to show you’re annoyed. (go to 24)
  • Tell him that you want to know what’s going on (go to 16)



Read a middle grade

The child appears to have a bounce in her step even as the teenager looks you and mutters something about you being immature.

You choose to ignore her though.

For some reason you have the feeling there’s an adventure through her door.

The child opens it and bows to you.

On the other side sits the man you meet in the docks. He’s leaning back in his chair, his legs thrown over the table in front of him as he studies you carefully.

“Took you long enough”

How do you respond?

  • “If you wanted me to get here quicker you shouldn’t have played games” (go to 22)
  • “Sorry.” (go to 19)
  • “Ah but you’ll enjoy my attention all the more if you had to wait.” (go to 23)



Read a thriller

You push the door open further and stay in the room.

After a few minutes the women turn to look at you.

But they do nothing.

You stare at them but they still do nothing.

Just as you’re about to step out, they shake their heads and some sort of magic closes the door on you.




Read an adult book

The woman nods at you approvingly.

She gestures as you step closer to her and opens the door.

Inside there is a table with two covered platters on it.

Another test.

You frown but move forwards.

Which platter do you lift the lid off of?

  • The left (go to 20)
  • The right (go to 25)



Read a YA novel

The teenage girl’s smile seems to turn down into a sneer.

She shakes her head as she looks you up and down. You can feel her judging you even as she opens her door.

There doesn’t appear to be anything in there.

You blink and step through the door – wondering if you just missed something.

The door shuts behind you and you’re left in the dark.




Use a random number generator to pick your next book

You run straight, pushing past a teenager girl as you try to get through the middle door.

There’s nothing inside and you panic more.

No escape.

You try to turn around and run again but a hand slams into your back and pushes you back into the room.

The door slams and locks behind you.




Read a paranormal novel

The man grunts as your fist collides with his stomach.

Somehow, though you can’t see his expression, you know he’s tired and doesn’t wish to be dealing with you.

“Finally. Someone who actually tries to fight back.”

The man reaches behind him and pushes the wall he stepped through further open so more light comes inside.

On the other side of the room stands a blond man with hands on his hips. The wind must be coming from him as when he closes his mouth, it stops.

“If you still wish to join the rebellion then come with us.”

  • Decline – you don’t want to deal with them if they’re going to treat you like this (go to 21)
  • Accept – this is your destiny, you know it. (go to 18)



Read a book blurbed by an author you like

The man hums in response, looking for all the world as if he was preparing to make some sort of sardonic comment.

But he doesn’t.

He just glares at you and waves a hand.

You hadn’t noticed one of the doors to the side opening.

So you didn’t notice when the older woman snuck up behind you and hit you around the head.




Read a 5 star prediction

Stepping into the bright room, you look between both men.

You don’t know them but this seems like the right thing to do.

Stretching your fingers, you try a fire spell again and are relieved when this time it works. You follow it up quickly with wind and then void.

Magic you shouldn’t be able to do so easily. That had been your secret.

Your ready to share it.




Book with a one word title

The man shakes his head, clearly disappointed in you.

You can only see one of his eyes but it feels like it can see completely through you.

Suddenly you feel like a failure.

The rebellion won’t want you now.




Read a hyped book

You lift the left lid and see a cake from the expensive bakery that every rich person in the city seems to adore.

You jerk up and look around.

Is this a trick?

You lift the cup up and see a note below it


You frown and sniff it. You can’t smell any poison. You take a bit and instantly begin to feel sleepy.


What you didn’t know was that the cake had a sleeping potion that would make you forget.

Your luck had run out.




Read a book over 450 pages

You’ve had enough.

Getting to this underground base had been an adventure of it’s own. And rather than just thanking you for offering your help they messed with you and scared the hell out of you.

You’re done. Even if you have the long walk home now.




Read the first book in a series

The man chuckled, clearly amused by the fact you dare stand up to him.

He kicked his feet off the desk and moved to stand up.

“We had to be sure you’re a good fit. And your luck seems to be holding out.”

He holds out his arms.

“Let’s see if it continues to. Try to hit me.”

You raise an eyebrow, not sure what this has to do anything.

  • Why not – he’s annoyed you anyway (go to 24)
  • Refuse (go to 26)



Read a romance novel

Is it possible that the man is blushing slightly?

Under the hair in his face, there seems to be a tinge of red but he scowls at you in response.

You feel like you probably shouldn’t have done that but you couldn’t resist.

“Take this seriously! We don’t need people who think this is a game.”

  • Hit him to prove you are taking it seriously (go to 24)
  • Apologize (go to 19)



Mood Read!

Stepping forward before he can even think about it, you duck down and run at him.

He moves to dodge and you curse quietly.

You circle eachother, you looking out for something, anything you can use against him.

And that’s where you see it.

He’s dragging his left leg very slightly.

You run at him, feinting like you’re going to hit him before sweeping his left leg out from under him.

The man looks surprised for a second as he falls before he smirks up at you.

“Welcome to the rebellion.”




Read your lowest rated book

A plain bread roll sits under the platter.

You stare at it for a few moments before your stomach grumbles. You lift it and see a note beneath it.

Welcome to the rebellion – wait here and we’ll send someone to meet you.




Drop a book

“No. If you were going to put me through this then you should have said outside.”

This guy might be attractive but this wasn’t what you’d agreed to.

You were out.


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