Book Review: Queen of Volts by Amanda Foody

I was so damn hyped for this book. Though I only really enjoyed the first half of the second book, I knew my fave was back and was excited to see what would happen this time. The moment I was able to request it on NetGalley I did and I started reading it the day I was granted it.


I didn’t enjoy it as much as I’d hoped I would.

Queen of Volts is the final book in the Shadow Game trilogy. We follow Enne, Levi, Lola and Sophia once again as they try to figure out Bryce’s new game with a new narrator in Harvey.

The world building was just as good as always. You find out some new things about the history of New Reynes and a lot more about the magic and characters too. That was probably my favourite aspect of this book and the series in general. The City of Sin is dark and fascinating. There’s so many shady corners that I wanted to explore and I find I’m loving this sort of mafia and vegas inspired fantasy. The talents were an interesting way to take magic and the whole use of omertas and shades as part of the magic system in this book? So good.

The characters are another strong aspect. Mostly. I didn’t really like Harvey. I found him a bit of a wet blanket if I’m honest and the fact Narinder was basically just there for him? I didn’t like it. I didn’t think they worked well together and it was just really meh to me that this was what Narinder being back and the new fun ship was. Maybe I am a little bias. I shipped Levi and Narinder so hard. But I knew it wasn’t going to be endgame and I was so excited to see Narinder again. I guess this left me a little disappointed.

I was also disappointed with the route Lola’s plot took. But I’m in two minds about it. The thing is, it was interesting and I liked meeting her brother and the use of the Bargainer. But the other thing I was excited for was her romance with Tock. And because of the way the plot went? Didn’t really get much of that. Which meant that the romance we mostly saw in this book was lacklustre stuff that I didn’t really care for. Sigh.

When it comes down to it though, I am glad I read this and I was lucky to get granted the ARC.

It just wasn’t what I really wanted from it in the end.

But I know the ending will be one that many people will love and adore so pick it up as soon as you can. Provided you’re a massive Enne/Levi shipper.

3/5 stars

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