Book Review: May Day by Josie Jaffrey

One of the best things about being a book blogger is definitely getting to hype up books up. Especially those that may aren’t spoken about so often like indie and self-published books often aren’t. I follow Josie on Twitter after she contacted me about an earlier book when I started blogging and when I saw May Day for offer, I had to request it as it just looked so damn good.

May Day is an adult urban fantasy novel that follows Jack Valentine, a Silver – vampire – who works as a Seeker looking into crimes and things that could accidentally reveal Silvers to humankind. One day a human body is thrown off a tower that smells of Silver violence and when this is connected to similar crimes in London Jack and her team have to try to find out who did it. Jack is pretty certain it can be linked with Killian Drake who she has history with only she winds up having to work with him instead.

I’m not a huge fan of vampires anymore. After binging way too many series when I was younger and doing a vampire fiction class in uni, I now only pick up vampire books when they look really good. So already you can see why I’m telling you that you NEED to read this book.

Set in our world, you get to see a darker side with the Silver’s secret lives and the work Jaffrey has done with fitting these things into our world so they seamlessly slot into our world but are still clearly secret.

The best thing about this book was the characters. Not only are they diverse but they’re all such different personalities and I enjoyed most of them. The interactions were so interesting and the love triangle? I was definitely invested more in one side then I am the other. The banter, the difficulty and how it’s going to play into future books…I need more.

With the last few chapters the storyline for the series has really been set up as have some relationships. Where I struggled with the rest of the book – not due to anything to do with the writing, but just because I’m in a slump and easily put books down at the moment – I couldn’t put the book down as I finished it off. I’m so excited to get book 2.

I just wish it was out already!

4/5 Stars

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