A Writing Declaration: Irish Faery Tale Edition

I’m pretty sure I’ve written one of these before.

It might have been on my old blog though. But it was a declaration to my intent to finish my first novel: Dreams of Fire.

I finished it a few years ago with the help of Nanowrimo and I’ve recently started to query it properly.

But that means that I want to be writing something else and I do have two other projects I can work on. But there’s one that owns my heart just a little bit more.

And that’s my retelling/sequel of the Irish fairy tale The Horned Women with a genderfluid MC. You see why it’s so important to me?

I love fairytales as a kid and the Celtic ones I’ve read always called to me just a little bit more. I don’t know if it’s my Irish heritage – though I’ve sadly yet to visit Ireland myself – or if it’s just the dark sense of mischief and angst that seems to permeate these tales of the fae and the old kingdoms. I just love them so much and it excites me so much to be writing something that follows on one of the characters from one of these stories and see what would happen if a child of theirs wound up involved with the fae and witches.

It’s dark and fun and I adore it so much.

And I want to finish the first draft by the end of the year!

I’ve started it and got a good few chapters done but without any feedback on it I kind of just…stopped.

But I don’t want to abandon it.

I’ve got a few people looking at it now for me. I wanna get their feedback and see what excites them.

But using Nanowrimo as an unofficial pushing point I want to try to write, if not every day, then most days in November. I wanna aim for 50k new words or whatever I need to finish it. This book is my heart and I’m so excited to share about it with you all.

So take this as me saying I’m going to finish it this year.

I might try to share bits and pieces, maybe the playlist or some aesthetics or something. I want everyone as excited about my project as I am. And even if you’re not, at least now I’ve written somewhere public that I need to do it so you can all hold me to finishing it!

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