Things I Learned From Booktube

Ah booktube!

It’s something I loved watching and something that I was eager to try myself. And it was fun at first but it also wasn’t the social experience I was hoping it would be. So I’ve decided to take a break for now if not forever.

But do I regret it?

No! Because I learned more about myself as a reader and how I interact with bookish content so I want to share that with you all to see if any of you feel the same way.

TBR Games Aren’t for Me

I love watching TBR games so much. They’re some of my favourite types of Booktube video and I look forward to them every month. The amount of work that goes into some of them and the reactions some people give with what prompts they get. It’s just something I’m in awe of.

I was so excited to try my own and it was fun at first. But it was too easy to pick all the books I wanted! And I was still putting off books I didn’t really want. I’d get the odd one I wasn’t eager for. But it wasn’t quite working the same as my TBR jar did. Especially as some books I was avoiding picking up as I didn’t think people would be so interested in them.

And let’s face it, the TBR game aspect wasn’t the only issue I had with my TBR when making it fit Youtube…

I Don’t Like Monthly TBRs!

This might sound weird but they really don’t work for me!

Every month I was throwing on extra books and still finishing the pile before the end of the month. And then I was starting next month’s TBR early. I think the only month where it might take me a whole month to read it is this October and I didn’t even wind up posting my Kerplunk vid! Oh well.

I’m better off just making a new TBR pile as I need them and that way if it needs to last a month? It can but if it takes less? That’s fine too.

As long as I can find time to read the books I need to, we’re good.

I Need to be Social with my Bookish Content!

I made Booktube to be social but I don’t think I realised before how much I actually wanted to be talking about books and making bookish friends. I already had this blog and bookstagram so i knew I liked talking about them. But I didn’t quite realise how much.

It’s actually why I want to get into blogging properly and using Twitter more.

I love books guys, you love them too. Let’s all get together and chat about what we’re reading!

Also maybe we should hold eachother accountable as….

I’ve Been Buying Way Too Many Books!

I was actually too nervous to make monthly haul videos as I had so many new books coming I didn’t want to admit to buying so many. This is something that is going to stop now because I just don’t have the money anymore.

But with so many deals and the spare money…I really do just spend it all on books. My TBR box and my Unread Kindle folder are just so full. I don’t really need to buy anymore books for a while!


That’s about it! If you’ve learned anything from doing or watching Booktube then why not let me know down below?

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