Book Review: Bookish and the Beast by Ashley Poston

If you’ve looked through my blog you’ve probably seen that I don’t read much contemporary and when I do it’s usually adult and more along the chick-lit and romance lines. But I love me a nerdy contemporary and because of that I’ve been picking up and devouring the Once Upon A Con books by Ashley Poston .

I had bought the first two but when I saw there was a giveaway for the third book on Twitter I entered and was so lucky to win! The book was being sent by the publisher Quirk Books through a book blogger so that’s probably worth adding. It did take a little while to get here but when it did I knew I had to read it pretty much straight away. Beauty and the Beast is one of my favourite fairytales ever so obviously Bookish and the Beast was going to be a win

Bookish and the Beast is the third book in the Once Upon a Con series but they can very much be read as standalones. Characters and certain interactions may be referenced from the other books but its a new year each time, new characters and you can pick things up pretty easily. So if this is the only book in the trilogy you want to read? You can still enjoy it!

This one follows Rosie, a girl who recently lost her mum but gained a love of the Starfield franchise from her, especially the extended universe novels. Then you have Vance, the guy playing the villain in the second film who has been forced to live in a small town away from all the trouble he was causing in L.A. When Rosie sneaks into the house he is staying in and accidentally ruins a first edition Starfield novel, she winds up having to work with him to organise the library.

I think I liked the characters in this novel best out of all of them. Rosie was adorable, it did feel like she could have a bit more of a backbone but she was saying no to people. They just didn’t always listen. Vance was a great love interest. Yes, he was broody and clearly had some issues but I liked how he was coming out of his shell and that he wasn’t what you’d expect. He’s not a beast, just a guy who thinks everyone views him that way. Out of the side characters my favourite was Quinn. I’m all for them being Homecoming Overlord. Let’s all celebrate a nonbinary star! Especially one that will tackle assholes for their friends.

One of my favourite things was the novel extracts in between sections. When reading the other two I could see the canon Carmindor and Amara. I wasn’t exactly shipping it but I felt like if the series was real I probably could. But these scenes we see between Sond and Amara? Man, I was shipping it so hard. And I wouldn’t say no to that Starfield novel becoming real heh.

The romance between Vance and Rosie was cute too. I like that they helped each other grow and that even though there had been a romantic spark in the past, they didn’t rush into it. They wanted to really know each other and their growing friendship made for some really cute scenes. I especially loved them reading to each other and not gonna lie that totally sounds like a romantic ideal. Please can I find a guy to do that with in real life?

I really enjoyed this book and definitely think it was my favourite in the series.

5/5 Stars


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