Small Blog, Big Plans

This might not be a post that many people are interested in but it’s something that I want to get out there.

First things first, I’ve finally surpassed 150 followers. I still can’t believe it. Thank you all so much for following me so far. I’m hoping to improve my content and produce some more fun things. I want you all to enjoy reading my blog so if you have any suggestions yourself then please shoot them my way.

And that is basically what this post is about. I want to tell you guys what I’ve got planned for this blog. Over the last few months I’ve put a lot more effort in. Before now I was just updating now and then. But now I’m confident I can do this thing.


So, this is something that might take a little time to put into place. I basically need to start stockpiling posts. There will still definitely be reviews posted instantly as, once it’s up, I want to be able to get the book off my NetGalley shelf. But I want to be posting at least twice a week. I just need to spend some time focused on writing a ton of posts.

Reviews of Books I’ve Bought

Whether they’re backlist, pre-ordered or just brand new impulse buys I do want to start reviewing more. I’ve started to a little and the banners for these books are purple rather than pink. It won’t be every book I’ve read, I don’t even do that on GoodReads but I’ve got so many books that I’ll want to talk about.

So why not do it?

I’ll be trying to only review the first book in a series if I’ve bought it unless I’ve reviewed an earlier book first. I want to be able to provide background and that can be hard if you’re trying not to spoil multiple books in one post.

Fun Features

I’m definitely going to be doing more posts with recs but fun ones. I want to continue the video game book rec series if I can think of more!

But also some posts asking for your guys recs and opinions. I want to communicate with you all. Overwhelm you all with love, sound good? Kidding. Kind of. I really want to chat with you all so I’ll be keeping that in mind.

That’s about it for all. I’d love to be able to reach 200 followers next year so fingers crossed this will help it!

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