Otherworldalong – A Monthly Readalong Book Club for Kelley Armstrong’s Otherworld

Hello, hello, hello!

Do you ever have the urge to reread a favourite book series? I do, but I’ve been wanting to read it with a few other people, preferably a few people who haven’t read them before too! There’s something so exciting about sharing your favourite books with other people.

Which was why I suggested to Imogen from Imogen’s Typewriter – you can also find her on Twitter @ImogenTypes – when I bought her a copy of Bitten by Kelley Armstrong that we do this!

The Women of the Otherworld is an adult paranormal/urban fantasy series that consists of 13 main books as well as a lot of novellas, short stories and a few YA spin-offs. But we’re currently only focusing on the main adult books. We may carry on with the YA books but it depends if whether we’re tired of reading in this universe or not. But, we’re reading one book in the series a month so it’ll be easy for anyone to join in who wants to.

We’re doing this in a group chat together on Twitter so follow me on there – @lacedaggerbooks – and let me know so I can add you to the chat.

The first book is Bitten which follows Elena Michaels, a werewolf who has left the American pack and is trying to live her own life. Only, there are some things happening back in New York state to the wolves and Elena gets called back to help deal with it. But, her ex is back within the pack and she’s going to have to deal with them and their past as well as the uprising that’s going to change everything.

The Women of the Otherworld books feature six different main characters with each book narrated by one of these supernatural women. This means that there is likely going to be a narrator you love even if it takes you a little while to get into the series. I’m not the hugest fan of Elena but book 2 definitely pulled me more into the world! It’s a really good series and we’re still open to anyone wanting to join us.

I’m looking forward to getting into Bitten in November and then having a year of Kelley Armstrong books next year!

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