Spotify Wrapped…Book Challenge?

We’re in December now and the end of the year has been closing in!

Over the last few days – as I’m writing this – we’ve been seeing people sharing their top artists, songs and playlists. So when I decided to sit down to write a new blog post, I thought why not use it?

Let’s combine our top songs of the year with the books we’ve read!

The challenge is simple – put your top songs playlist on shuffle and for the first five songs you get, I want you to list a book that you read this year that the song reminds you of. Pretty simple, right? If you really can’t think of anything then you can skip the song but the idea is to at least try to think of something.

Song 1

the henna wars book cover

This Means War by Marianas Trench – The Henna Wars by Adiba Jaigidar

So the song is about a couple who have broken up, but the guy misses the way they fought before they broke up. This doesn’t fit The Henna Wars technically, but the kind of vibe does.

The Henna Wars is a YA contemporary following Nishat, a Muslim girl in Ireland who has recently come out as a lesbian. At a family wedding, she runs into Flavia, a girl she was kind of friends with in primary school. They get along really well at first until they both decide to do henna for their school business competition. There’s rivalry, a lot of sweet scenes and a lot about Bangladeshi culture which is fun.

This wasn’t one of my favourite reads of the year, but I’d definitely recommend it!

Song 2

cute mutants vol 1 mutant pride book cover

Time Bomb by All Time Low – Cute Mutants Vol 1: Mutant Pride by SJ Whitby

This song has a lot of energy to it. It’s about a couple pushing each other back and forth, about them being young and stupid and it’s just so fun.

That matches the vibes of this book so well.

Dylan Taylor has a mutation but at first, she assumes she’s the only one. But after stumbling across a girl with a mutation in the school bathroom, she finds out a few other people around have powers too and she tries to pull them together into a superhero team. It was a quick, fun, easy read just like this song.

Song 3

kingdom of the wicked book cover

Bloodsport by Raleigh Ritchie – Kingdom of the Wicked by Kerri Maniscalco

So this song is about a battle couple. It’s really as simple as that. I’d usually prefer to say this song is perfect for a werewolf couple, but other than my current reread of Bitten, I’ve not read any werewolf books this year. And I found this song on a Bitten fanvid, so I didn’t want to choose them.

I’m not sure if I’d really consider Emilia and Wrath a battle couple yet, but they do remind me of another ship of mine. And this song goes for them perfectly. The song suggests they might fight a lot, and Emilia and Wrath do that for certain.

This was one of my favourite books of this year so I had to get it in here somehow!

Song 4

Deja Vu by DREAMCATCHER – Shine by Jessica Jung

For a k-pop song, I had to go with a k-pop book! Though the atmosphere of DREAMCATCHER is so different from anything in the book, Shine follows a teenager girl struggling to debut as an idol. This book features all the drama and gossip that you’d expect to see in a k-drama, so it’s definitely a fun read to pick up.

Song 5

these violent delights book cover

Just One Yesterday by Fall Out Boy ft Foxes – These Violent Delights by Chloe Gong

An ultimate lovers to enemies song for a wonderful lovers to enemies to lovers book. Yessss.

I don’t know if I’n just associating this song with this book due to the lovers to enemies fanvid I found it on. But I love this comparison. Juliette and Roma were so close in the past, until they betrayed each other and she went back to America. I loved this book so much so I’m glad I get to include it.

That’s It

I won’t lie, it was a little harder than I thought it would be XD. I did wind up skipping a few songs, but that’s okay because it was fun looking through all my books whilst listening to music.

Anyone who wants to do this can but I’m tagging Vee (@onandonand0n on Twitter) for her blogs, Lucy from Sunstar Books, Sifa from Sifa Elizabeth Reads and Lorraine from Geeky Galaxy

16 thoughts on “Spotify Wrapped…Book Challenge?

    1. My top songs and artists basically matched as I listened to the same stuff over and over and not much new stuff this year as I got into audiobooks instead. It meant some songs on it I only listened to a few times but fair! You could always cheat and do it with your liked playlist if you really wanted 😏

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