A Very Merry Christmas: Christmas Mini Reviews!

I love December! Christmas is coming and I’m super excited for the holidays. Usually, I just celebrate the month with snacks and buying those last few gifts but this year I decided to get through some Christmas reads too!

And what better way to share the celebrations then reviewing a few of the books I’ve read in the hope that you’ll all pick some up too!

The Problem With Mistletoe – Kyle Baxter

the problem with mistletoe boook cover

I love this book So. Damn. Much.

I originally read this last year a little after Christmas on a Kindle Unlimited free trial but I managed to get it free a few days ago along with two other books – including another Christmas one – but you have to buy them again now. But this book is just so cute!

It follows David, a single father in charge of a Christmas party for his family’s charity and Alex, his best friend from childhood who has come back to help his family sell their restaurant but winds up helping out with the party and looking after David’s son too.

If you love rom-coms where a kid helps their parent find love again with many adorable scenarios then this is the book for you. Eric is so sweet and precious and I love that he decides Alex is going to be his second dad before David even accepts it. It’s just completely adorable. There’s also plenty of warm family scenes with friends, parents, aunts and uncles. It does have some emotional moments and I do have to give a few trigger warnings but this book is well worth the read!

I’m rereading this year as I really couldn’t not. It’s one of the favourite rom-coms I’ve read and that it’s queer makes it so much better.

TW: Homophobia, transphobia, cancer, child abuse and alcoholism

5/5 Stars

Amazon UK

The Twelve Dogs of Christmas – Lizzie Shane

The Twelve Dogs of Christmas book cover

When I picked up this book, it was for a different post. But that’s not happening now, so I had to include it here as well. This book is incredibly cheesy but if you love dogs, you’ll adore this book.

Ally has come to help her grandparents with their dog shelter when she finds out they’re being closed down. But, Ben, the town councillor who told her it was being closed down promises to help her find all the dogs homes before they’re closed down after Christmas.

This wasn’t a favourite book of mine. I don’t like too cheesy but you do have a lot of communication issues, some fun friendships and it was easy to get through. It’s not very long so it won’t take you long to get through. I was getting a little bored near the end though.

Ben could be frustrating with not wanting help or to ruin things for his niece. I understood it, but it was still frustrating at the same time. And I loved his friends at least.

Definitely, a good doggy read for the holidays!

3/5 Stars

Amazon UK

The Twelve Dates of Christmas – Jenny Bayliss

I think I see a naming convention for Christmas books here…

This book was one that I’ve read as part of a readalong on Instagram. But I got a little eager and finished it quickly! If you want to see some of the photos or reels then look to the right or below provided you’re not on the reader or something!

In this chick-lit book, we follow Kate, who, after the badgering from her best friend, Laura, has signed up to try out a twelve dates of Christmas event. You get to meet many different guys, see lots of fun different events and it’s an enjoyable and easy read.

Once I started this book, I didn’t want to put it down. I made myself for the first few days of the readalong but I couldn’t stop myself from devouring it. I did get a little frustrated near the end. Some of the twists and lies were obvious and frustrating but I’m definitely glad I read this and I’ll probably give it a reread at some point.

3/5 Stars

Amazon UK


Well, have you read any of these books? Or do you plan to now? Let me know down below!

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