Beautiful Book Covers Jan – July 2021

Cover love can be both a wonderful thing and a curse. You see all these beautiful books and their covers lure you in! It’s not so bad when it’s the next book in a series you’re reading. You’d probably pick those up even without the pretty covers.

But for new books? Ooof.

If you’re wondering what I’m talking about, don’t worry, I’m not sure either. But I wanted to post something on some of the covers for books being released early next year that are drawing me in. These are all first books or standalones and these aren’t the only covers I love. I’ve narrowed it down to a few and though I’m particularly drawn to.

I won’t be saying what these books are about. Some I don’t know, in the case of one I’ve already read it and another I’ve read the summary and I don’t think I’d enjoy it. But the cover still makes me want it so bad.

I basically just don’t want to go into detail with titles and things. I just wanted to focus on how lovely the covers are and to see if they make people want to pick them up. Or if that’s just me!

So enjoy these covers and let me know if they draw you in or not. Or maybe list some book covers that are intriguing you from next year!

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