Book Review: Shipped by Angie Hockman

If you’re looking for a fun enemies to lovers romance that will teach you some things, then do I have the book for you!

In many ways Shipped is very much your typical chick-lit novel but one that slips into the romance genre. Our heroine is Henley, a woman who has been working her way up through the marketing department of an adventure cruise line. When a new role is created, she’s one of two names up for the promotion. The only problem is that the other is Graeme, her incredibly attractive work nemesis. To give the both of them the chance to prove what they could do as digital marketing manager, they’re sent on a cruise to the Galapagos to see what they can come up with to help promote that area. Only, things are never as simple as we’d like them to be and being in such close quarters with Graeme on this trip may mean that Henley learns to like him a lot more than expected.

A big theme in this book is how women are constantly railroaded in their careers. People don’t expect much from them and often if men are in charge, they’ll side with other men in a problematic situation. Henley feels that to get what she deserves, she has to work even harder than everyone else. And in some ways, she’s right. But this book also shows that a good work-life balance is important.

As ever in chick-lit, the relationships were an important point. I loved Henley’s relationships with her friends, with her sister and with Graeme also. She was such a kind person and that really shone through. Even her issues and lashing out didn’t stop you from seeing that.

The romance specifically was great. I love a good enemies to lovers story and this handled the enemy portion nicely. The bickering was so fun but their soft moments where they helped eachother out? Reader, I melted. They were just so cute sigh.

I said back in the beginning that you’ll learn some things in this book and you likely will. The majority of the book takes place in the Galapagos isles and you get to learn about the animals and ecosystem. This book takes time to highlight and focus on conservation. There’s even an author’s note with ways you can actually help and explore the islands. Conservation is a cause close to my heart and I’m so proud to be promoting a book that in turn promotes conservation. Big thank you, Angie Hockman for writing this.

Shipped is a fun, easy and short read. I read most of it in one session as I couldn’t put it down. I did get a little sad when it came to one bit of the conservation stuff but it was important to know so I’m glad I read it!

Overall, a fun and informative chick-lit/rom-com novel with little smut, wonderful characters and one I’ll read again and again. Highly recommended.

5/5 Stars


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