Book Review: Love Songs For Sceptics by Christina Pishiris

So, I got through my books pretty quickly and Love Songs for Sceptics wound up being my first book of 2021. And it did not take me long. At all. It was so good and such an easy read that I had to review it on here. This was actually on my Mini TBR for January which you can check out here!

This book follows Zoë, editor of a music magazine and a woman who has been in love with her best friend Simon since they were kids. Simon has been living in the US but he moves back to London just as Zoë is experiencing some problems in her work life. All areas seem to get mixed together and Zoë has a lot to learn about herself as well as her relationships.

This is a book that sucks you in from the first page. The first chapter is essentially a tiny prologue that in a chick-lit novel would usually be annoying but here it works. You meet Zoë, you meet Simon and you find out about their made-up rock star. Yeah, you read that right. It sounds silly but it really works.

The characters in this book are really enjoyable. I love that Zoë is so close to her work colleagues. It made things fun and it meant you understood why she would do anything for her colleagues. I loved her relationships with her family for similar reasons and this novel really did platonic well and it felt just as important as the romantic aspect.

On the side of romance, I really wasn’t a fan of Simon. There was something about him and someone else that was really obvious from early on. And it was frustrating that Zoë was still so hopeful when I was wishing she could do better. I adored Nick though. Again, it was a little bit obvious but it wasn’t a bad thing. I loved the banter and they were just a lot of fun together.

There are themes of alcoholism and drug use in this book that should be pointed out. And one character does end up in the hospital because of it. But this isn’t painted positively and it really is a minor addition. It’s just something that I think should be pointed out.

Overall, I seriously enjoyed this book and I’m excited to see what Christina Pishiris writes in the future.

5/5 Stars


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