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Yes, I know we’re a few days into the month now. Okay, more than a few, but it’s still plenty of time to join in our reading club! We’ve now moved onto Discord where we have separate channels for each of the books so that means you can catch up and discuss each book even if you join us late. If you’re interested then let me know down below and I’ll find somewhere to privately send you to the join link!

Stolen by Kelley Armstrong book cover

For January we’ve moved onto book two in the series; Stolen. If you need a reminder this series is by Kelley Armstrong and I will be posting buy links below.

Stolen is another werewolf book but in this one, the world opens up and we get to meet a lot of other supernatural creatures and see how they’re hiding in a very human world.

Elena has only recently settled back down with the pack after the events of book one and now a scientist is after her. It’s not easy being the only female werewolf but at least she knew where she stood. Now there are other supernaturals asking for the pack’s help and it looks like the supernatural world is a whole lot bigger than any of the werewolves ever thought it was. Even if you weren’t a fan of book one, this book gives you so much more and it’s definitely worth picking up.

This series is very much an adult urban fantasy series as the storyline is very much focused on the characters and the supernatural issues they wind up involved in. There’s a lot of plotting, murder and thriller aspects. But it can also kind of be considered a paranormal romance with a lot of romance and some smut. There’s six different protagonists across the thirteen book series so there’s likely a protagonist and a ship for you in at least one of the books.

I’m more excited to get back to this one then I was the first one. I’ve only read it once and I’m excited to see how this world opens up again. I’d love for more of you guys to join us reading this!

Next month in February I will be posting about this once again and our book will be the first of the witch novels with Dime Store Magic!

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