Books I’m Intimidated By

Big books scare me. There. I said it. I don’t like picking up big books as I’m worried they’ll take me a while to get through and I prefer reading things quickly. Unfortunately, there are some big books out there that look good, and I do still plan to read them. They just intimidate the hell out of me.

And that’s not the only thing about certain books that intimidates me. It’s just the main reason. So I just wanted to do a quick post talking about some of these books. Hopefully, you guys can tell me how amazing they are and make me want to pick them up sooner!

The Final Empire – Brandon Sanderson

The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson book cover

Oh boy, this one is a big boy at 643 pages, and I’m pretty sure they only get thicker. I’m not even looking at the Stormlight Archive books yet. I might actually cry if I do. If a book is so thick it needs to be split into two editions then it’s too thick, okay? But let’s get back to The Final Empire. This is a series that one of my best friends has been bugging me to pick up for ages. It’s one of her favourites and she’s been telling me I’ll love it. I finally have a copy and I am excited to get to it.

It’s just so thick and so well-loved. I’m scared guys, what if I dislike it and it puts me in a slump? I mean, okay, let’s be real, if I don’t like it, I will just DNF. I have no qualms with that. But it’s still a fear.

All I know about this book is that it’s the first book in a massive series. It’s based in a world where the evil lord won, and people can develop magic by ingesting types of metal. That very concept fascinates me, and it’s all I really need to know. I’ve read Sanderson before – Skyward – and I did enjoy it. So I’m thinking I should enjoy this too. It’s just…well…thick.

Daughter of the Forest – Juliet Marillier

Daughter of the Forest by Juliet Marillier book cover

This is a book that I had no plans to buy any time soon though I was interested in it and didn’t think would be quite so large. I think maybe that’s just the edition I have. It’s about as tall as a slightly larger hardback and it’s 538 pages long. It’s a big boi and honestly, I don’t know what to think about its size. The last book I tried to read by Juliet Marillier was a lot shorter and smaller. But I saw this in a charity shop and just had to pick it up. Now I’m kind of dreading it but not at the same time?

Again, I don’t know much about this book. I’d seen Ashleigh from A Frolic Through Fiction talk about these books so I know this is a retelling of The Six Swans – one of my favourite fairytales – and from the back, I can see it’s set in Ancient Ireland. That just sounds so right up my alley and I’m damn excited by this concept. But I’ve since been informed that there is a graphic gang rape scene of the teenage MC about halfway through. I’m not hiding that as a spoiler as it’s something that people shouldn’t go into the book unaware of. It’s not something I’d be comfortable not mentioning to anyone who wanted to read the book so I’m including here. Now, that’s not something triggering for me and I’ve been told the recovery is a well done and important theme. So I trust that it’s done well. But it is something that makes me a little uncomfortable about picking it up.

I still want to read it. I’m just gonna have to be in a good headset and I don’t know. It might be a difficult one and that is intimidating.

Oh, I also want to add that this isn’t the version of the book I have. This was just what I could find on Amazon.

From Blood and Ash – Jennifer L. Armentrout

From Blood and Ash by Jennifer L. Armentrout book cover

This might not be one you expect to see me wanting to read. Honestly, it’s a surprise from me. I tried reading her YA series Lux, but I had to put the first book down due to a trashy, over-controlling LI. I’m not about that, thanks. But I’ve seen so many people talking about that I wound up getting it on audio.

And I did start it and weirdly? I was actually really enjoying the world-building. I didn’t get very far at all. I just wasn’t in the mood for it. But because it’s a thick book and it’s a genre that I don’t usually enjoy, I’m really intimidated by this one. And I know I shouldn’t be. I picked it up because I thought it would be something fun and a little different to listen to. And like I said, I was really enjoying the world-building. But I’m scared to go back to it in case I wind up hating it. And I want to love it. But I guess we’ll see how I feel about it when I get to it.

Again, I know next to nothing about this book. I know it’s supposed to have vampires in, that it’s smutty and the love interest is Hawke. And that’s about it. You’re gonna see a theme here when it comes to what I know about books…maybe if I knew more I’d be less intimidated XP.

So, I know that’s not many books, but it’s all I could think of for now out of the ones I own. What books do you own that you’re intimidated by? Let me know down below.

22 thoughts on “Books I’m Intimidated By

  1. I was intimidated by the size of The Final Empire too, but I fell in love with it instantly and finished in two days! It’s now one of my all time favourites!
    I’ve had The Priory of the Orange Tree on my TBR for ages, it’s a beast of a book with over 800 pages! I just need to find the time (and motivation) to dive into it! Great post and Happy Reading! 🥰

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    1. One of my best friends keeps telling me I’ll love it. But the size has meant that it’s taken me so long to get it. Hopefully I’ll be so invested it takes me only 2 days too 🤣

      I tried Priory last year and couldn’t get into it but I think part of that was thickness too. But I’ve heard such good things so I hope you love it!

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  2. Final empire is a big book and as someone who tends to get scared by big books I did find the courage to read it because my bro in law gifted it to me and kept asking me how it was😅. But I fell in love with it and binged the entire series. it was so good and fast paced so it didn’t feel long at all.

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  3. Well, I actually love some of the big books- most of which are old classics. From The Iliad to The Odyssey, Don Quixote, Bleak House, Nicholas Nickleby (among other Dickens books), to Hunchback of Notre Dame to Les Misérables).
    In terms of more contemporary- what came to mind first was the Harry Potter series.

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      1. No, I don’t tend to get along with the way they’re written. I had a phase where I loved them as a kid but since then whenever I tried to pick up any classic of than the Wonderland books I’ve grown bored very quickly. Though I’ve debated trying Dorian Grey and Frankenstein. I’d still never touch Les Mis as it took my mum months and Dickens tends to be depressing.


      2. Depressing- don’t have that opinion of Dickens or Hugo. I probably would have intimidated by Les Mis if I saw it with no former knowledge- I used the musical to understand what’s going on.

        Yes Les Mis is tragic, but is much more than that- Les Mis is also inspiring and uplifting.

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      3. For me, I had to give Les Mis a 2nd chance- the film as a matter of fact, and the rest is history.

        Wicked and Les Mis are most responsible for my love of musicals. I am not just a musical theatre fanatic, but a bookworm as well.

        Actually, some classics are more contemporary- Lord of the Rings and Chronicles of Narnia fit under that category. In my opinion, Harry Potter already reached the world of classics.

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      4. I don’t like music of Les Mis either. I’m picky with musicals. Wicked is a very good one though! Probably responsible for me loving them too.

        Ahh Narnia…I read one book of in primary school as we had to but never finished. The Lord of the Rings both films and books hold absolutely no appeal to me. And though I loved HP when i was younger when i went back and reread them a few years ago the writing style was meh. Plus the less said about them the better these days, let’s face it. The closest i get to reading modern classics are Phillip Pullman’s His Dark Materials world and I’ve seen them considered classics now but I struggle with them.

        I’m not sure if any of my favourite books will ever be considered classics 🤣


      5. I did read His Dark Materials and really enjoyed them.

        I know the songs in a musical are the first step in falling in love with musicals- if liked or loved, then that’s when I enter character and plot. That also depends on how much you love musicals, but have discovered some non-musical fans have loved some musicals.

        Well, I probably have read non-classics as well. My blog this year is trying to become both a book blog and musical theatre blog.

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      6. Still, don’t know- I really need musical theatre back in my life. While books are an escape, going to musicals makes a stronger and bigger escape from my epilepsy.

        So- I do read more than I usually do. Had to do with the pandemic. Now, own a kindle. So beyond books, there are walks on greenways, volunteering, etc…..There is only so much they can do.

        There is one theatre I am curious about- The Muny in St. Louis is an outdoor theater and their shows happen over the summer. There might be an amazing chance those shows will happen.

        In my case—I rely on Charlotte’s Blumenthal Performing Arts the most to see Broadway Musicals- on tour. There are two touring theaters- Belk (that is the main one) and Ovens

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