Book Review: The Sister Surprise by Abigail Mann

This was a book that I’d never heard of, but when I saw it in an email, I was intrigued. I love books about sibling relationships, so a book about a woman discovering one should have been fun.

Instead, I feel pretty meh about it.

I was granted a free e-book copy of this through One More Chapter and Netgalley, and it was in return for an honest review.

First things first, it felt like it took ages for Ava to actually meet Moira. I thought that would happen pretty early on and it would be made clear from the off that Moira didn’t want a sister. Was happy without one. Instead, it felt like Ava was just making excuses and the author wanted drama. I did actually like Ava and Moira’s friendship. It was sweet, and I’m glad they get along. But it didn’t feel like we got enough of it.

It didn’t feel like we got enough of anything, to be quite honest. The work stuff felt brushed off, the saving the farm could’ve been interesting, but again took too long and the romance felt pointless. Plus, I generally didn’t care for Ross. He was just kind of boring and the hot minister thing doesn’t really do it for me, it turns out.

There was so much I wanted from this book. And yet, it didn’t really feel like I got any of it. I did finish the book, and it was pretty easy to get through. But I’m writing this minutes after finishing it, and I’m already forgetting what happened.

This really wasn’t a book for me and honestly, no one I know either. But if you’re looking for a wild romp on a Scottish farm then maybe check this out.

2/5 Stars


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