Manga Review: Star-Crossed!! Volume 1 by Junko

Does anyone else see the name Junko and just think of Dangranronpa? It can’t just be me, surely. But this is a newly translated series by the manga-ka of Kiss Him, Not Me a series that the very idea of makes me cringe. But this one just sounded so fun that I had to check it out. I recieved a free copy of this book through NetGalley in return for an honest review.

Azusa is a massive fan of idol group Prince 4 U, especially Chika-kun. When she goes to their latest concert, she manages to get front row seats. But an accident happens, and without thinking, she tries to save her idol. Unfortunately, they both end up dead. Cue God coming up to them and telling them this was a mistake so they can return to life. Only, something else goes wrong and they wound up in each other’s bodies.

Doesn’t that just sound so much fun? The blurb says they can switch bodies by kissing which just sounds like a recipe for hilarity.

Only…it didn’t really work that way for me. For one thing, the kissing thing only seems to have worked the one time. So whilst I was picturing them kissing and switching bodies. The possibilities of the rumours that this could spread and the trouble it would cause was wild. Instead, it’s just, oh no, we’ve switched bodies again! And them running around like headless chickens.

A lot of the humour was so very cringy, which I should have expected considering the manga-ka’s last series. But I had hope, I really did. An idol and a fan switching bodies could have been so good. And it did have its moments. Azusa being able to mimic his movements perfectly because she watches him so often? Great. Her accidentally fangirling over his hair and knowing exactly what he’d had done to it- whilst still in his body an in an interview – was also great. And his and her family’s reactions at home to that had me giggling. I love that Azusa isn’t afraid to be a fangirl.

But you also have her not wanting to go to the toilet in his body as she didn’t want to touch his dick… You have her perving and getting nose-bleeds over the guy way too often. I get that you’re in his body and you’re a teenager. And like, a little peeking would have been fine. But she’s refusing to touch him and yet being creepy all at the same time? How does that even work?!

I was curious about Chika’s bandmate Haru. I love his character design and it’s obvious he’s either gonna develop feelings for Chika or Azusa. And there’s gonna be a lot of mix-ups there. I’m a little unsure about that as it could be a little bit queer-baity? But no worse than Hani-Kimi I guess and I love that series so I’ll let that go.

I do like the art mostly. The general style was very pretty and I appreciated a lot of the designs. God is a tiny cartoon old guy and that was hilarious. Wasn’t a huge fan of the scribble drawings when Azusa get’s really angry though. I know the face is supposed to be creepy but it really was weird to look at.

I’m honestly not sure how I feel about this series….part of me wants to continue on as there are only like 4 volumes and it seems like it could be fun? It was definitely easy to read at least. But I also was cringing a lot so maybe it just isn’t for me.

2/5 Stars

Star-Crossed!! was a monthly serialization in the magazine Bessatsu Friend and was published between 2019 and 2020 It’s published in tankobon volumes in Japan by Kodansha who also handle the English translation.


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