Is It A Bird? Is It A Plane? No, It’s a Superhero Book!

Technically this is a post that I’ve written before and have removed. But I’ve been talking to my sister and a friend about superheroes recently. And now I’m just kind of hyped to talk a little bit more about superhero books. I’ve read a few and loved a few, so now is my chance to share some of them with you!

I’m going to try to talk more about the series that I don’t really see people talk about. I adore the Renegades books by Marissa Meyer, but they’re pretty well known and I’ll be avoiding The Extraordinaries by T.J Klune for the same reason. Both of those are books I thoroughly enjoyed but I wanna go a little less popular.

Heroine Complex by Sarah Kuhn

This is probably one of the more well-known series on this list but I still don’t really see people talking about it. So I wanted to.

This is an adult series following a trio of Asian-American superheroines. The first book follows Evie Tanaka, the weary assistant of her superhero best friend Aveda Jupiter. When something happens to Aveda, Evie is coerced into pretending to be her and discovers along the way that with her own powers she can be a great superhero too. The second book then follows Aveda as she gets used to Evie not always being there for her as she organises her wedding. And the third book follows Beatrice, Evie’s younger sister who has always dreamed of being a superheroine herself but has been pushed to the side time and time again.

I believe that this was originally meant to be a trilogy, but it’s now continuing on with more books and I am very excited.

For those who like their books steamy there’s plenty of romance in these and quite a few, adult situations shall I say. That aside these books a diverse and can be very hard-hitting emotionally. These women have been through a lot in the past and seeing that can really tug at your heartstrings. I love these books for the mix of wacky superhero action with heroines who actually feel real.

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The Rise of Renegade X by Chelsea M. Campbell

We’re moving onto a YA series that is available on Kindle Unlimited. If you have it or ever get a free trial, I highly suggest checking this series out. It follows a teenage boy called Damien who’s mother is a supervillain. In this world, on their sixteenth birthday, future superheroes get an H on their finger and Villains a V. But Damien gets an X and discovers that his dad is a famous superhero. He winds up being sent to live with his dad so he can see whether he should be a hero or a villain.

This series is a lot of fun. I find it so very funny and so very emotional. Is it very diverse? Not really. But I was pleasantly surprised by what I’ve read so far and I’d love to see more people actually talk about them.

These are very teen books. Damien can be a little bit annoying but sometimes the way he’s treated really makes you feel for him. It seems that sometimes people forget that he’s still a kid just because he’s the son of a villain and this really does make things sad but still really interesting.

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Cute Mutants by S.J Whitby

A series that’s maybe getting pretty well-known but as a self-published book, I did have to include it. These books have been very openly inspired by X-Men and our main character Dylan is very into those comics herself. This means you do get some very fun X-Men references whilst seeing all these brand new mutant characters trying to survive in the real world.

Dylan has recently discovered that she’s a mutant. A mutant who can talk to inanimate objects. When she accidentally stumbles on another mutant, she realises she’s not the only one and wants to form her own superhero team. When a villain seems to have arisen from the same circumstances as them, she decides they need to bring them down.

This book is wonderfully queer, filled with girl-power and was just so much fun. There are so many nerdy references from comics to k-pop, anime and so on. These characters feel like real teenagers but teenagers who have recently discovered that, oops, they actually have mutations too.

I was on a blog tour for this so you can find my review here!

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Magic Mutant Nightmare Girl by Erin Grammar

Our final book is one that’s actually not out yet. It comes out in March so please preorder it. I’m actually part of the street team so you can see some of that stuff on my Twitter. This book is a mix between traditional superhero and magical girl and I’m absolutely here for it.

Holly is headed home one night when she runs into what have to be two monsters. She tries fighting them and manages to kill one. Only, the next day she wakes up with super strength among other things. This isn’t what Holly ever expected and when a handsome but annoying guy winds up drawing her into his work trying to solve what is going on.

This book is probably the darkest on this list but it’s one I wholly adored. It’s not hugely superhero feeling but with the ending of this book, I feel like we’ll be going more down that route in the next books and I am very excited to get into it.

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These aren’t the only superhero books I’ve read and loved but I’m always open to finding more! So let me guys know what your fave superhero books are.

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