Anticipated Releases: March 2021

I’m back with an anticipated releases post! I didn’t do one in February, mostly because the books that I wanted that were coming out, I either had as ARCs or preordered. I couldn’t think of enough books that were not on either of those lists, so I decided to skip the month.

This month I am including a few books I have preordered and quite a few sequels too. But I wanted to share my excitement for these books!

Bone Criers Dawn – Kathryn Purdie

This is the sequel to Bone Crier’s Moon, and technically the hardback comes out on April 1st. But I decided to include this one here as I believe FairyLoot said something about sending the special edition version in March. And I’ve ordered that version! The e-book is out on March 30th, so it definitely counts.

I won’t give much detail on this one as it is a sequel. The first book follows three characters; Ailesse, Sabine and Bastien. Ailesse and Sabine are bone criers. Witches who can harness power from animal bones and help ferry the dead. But first, they have to kill their one true love. Bastien lost his father to the bone criers and wishes to kill them all, and through Ailesse he believes he can.

The first book included an enemy to lovers relationship, with a lot of fascinating magic connected to that. Not to mention the three characters who I was equally curious about. I got through this book so easily that the sequel was one that I immediately ordered the sequel.


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Ravage the Dark – Tara Sim

The second book is another sequel and the final book in a duology. Scavenge The Stars was a gender-swapped Count of Monte Cristo retelling, and this is finishing off the story that started in the first book.

Amaya had spent years on a slave ship after her parents had been killed and her inheritance stolen. She spent years plotting, planning on leaving the ship to get revenge. When she ran into someone with money who could help her, she agreed and returned to her home to bring down the Mercado family. There are two perspectives in this book; Amaya and Cayo Mercado. With flashbacks and some split time perspectives. But this story was fascinating, and I absolutely adored it.

I don’t think the second book will be as much as a retelling, but after the end of the first book, I’m so excited to see what is going to happen. The past was not what Amaya or Cayo had thought it was. And now they have to sort their friends from their enemies. And that sounds amazing.


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Sweet & Bitter Magic – Adrienne Tooley

Oh man, I’m not sure if this book is a standalone or the start of a series. This is a sapphic YA fantasy following a witch and a source. Tamsin is a powerful witch, but when she’s banished, the ability to love is taken from her. The only way she experiences love is to steal it. Then you have Wren, a person who is created from magic but cannot use it herself. She should have been raised by the coven, but instead, she was looking after her father.

When her father falls sick with a plague, the only way she can save him is to make a deal with Tamsin. If she’ll help Wren save her father, she’ll give up her love for him to her. Only they don’t like each other, so this is not going to be easy.

This book sounds like so much fun. Enemies to lovers, witches and magic and a lot of adventure. I’ve not preordered this one yet, though I don’t know why… I’ll probably just have to get it when it comes out!


Amazon UK

Accidentally Engaged – Farah Heron

This is the only adult book on the list and is also the only romance/chick-lit. It sounds more like chick-lit, but it could be a romance, so…

Anyway, it follows Reena, who loves baking bread and hates dealing with whichever Good Muslim Husband her family is always pushing her to get. Even when she’s introduced to Nadim, who lives across the hall. Doesn’t matter if he’s absolutely gorgeous parental interference is a no. Until she finds out about a couple’s cooking competition with the prize of her dreams. She winds up asking Nadim to pretend to be her fiancé so they could enter together.

Honestly, this just sounds like so much fun. I only stumbled across it the other day. But it went straight onto my wish list. It’s not a book I’ll get immediately, but it’s one I’m gonna be grabbing next time I want a new contemporary read! I love fake dating, and the competition is just gonna add an extra edge. Not to mention it sounds like it’s gonna be hilarious.

Ahhhh, I want this now.


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These obviously aren’t the only books I’m looking forward to in March. There’s a lot of sequels coming out it seems! But I wanted to keep this short.

Which books are you looking forward to that are coming out in March?

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