My Favourite Underrated Series

I’m going to start this post off by saying if any of these series do pop up on your social media feeds or whatever a lot, they don’t mine. And I clearly need to be following the same people as you. But I tried to make sure that I suggest series that I adored when I read them, but I have never really seen anyone talk about them. So there won’t be the usual series that you see people claim are underrated…

Bad Girls Don’t Die – Katie Alender

I won’t lie. These books could have been popular on social media back in the day as I was not on bookish social media when they came out. I actually read them pretty late myself after stumbling on them in the library back in 2016. And oh my god, I was instantly obsessed. The first book I gobbled up in one night, and it was everything that I didn’t know I needed.

Alexis is what you might describe as a typical dysfunctional and alternative teenager. Her younger sister, Kasey, is brighter and doll-crazy. But after getting her hands on a strange old-fashioned doll, Kasey starts acting strangely. As Kasey continues to change, the house seems to too. And Alexis is certain this must all be in her head. But what if it was something a lot more dangerous instead?

It’s been a long while since I’ve read these books. I kind of want to reread them, so I do not know if I’ll still love it now. But I enjoyed this series so much. The books are short, the spiritual aspects could be genuinely creepy, and honestly, I just loved it. I’m not the biggest fan of horror books, but these were just so good. I wish more people knew about them.

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Touch of Power – Maria V Snyder

Maybe people do know about this one. But I only ever see people talking about the Study books by her. This is an adult fantasy trilogy set in a completely different world with a great magic system. Maybe elemental magic is pretty typical, but I love the way Maria handled it here. This was actually the first series I started by her, and it was enough to get me hooked on Maria V Snyder.

Avry is a healer. An exile. In this world, healers have been blamed for a deadly plague that had spread across the country. After she gets caught by a town guard, she gets broken out by a group of mysterious men who want to try to convince her to save someone. This book has an epic world, a lot of romance and just some lovable characters. I won’t lie, the romance did start off a little questionable. The love interest definitely does some dickish things, but it’s no worse than I have seen in some popular ships. Once again, you have a wonderful found-family, and I feel like the villain would be popular with many readers. So this is definitely one I wish more people would check out.

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Omens – Kelley Armstrong

Considering so many people love reading about the fae, this really is a series I’m surprised more people don’t love. It’s another adult series, this one more of a paranormal thriller. Olivia has been raised by a wealthy family and has led a good life, until one day she finds out that not only is she adopted. But her parents were serial killers.

She leaves home and winds up in the town of Cainsville where she hires P.I Gabriel to look into her parents’ case.

This first book doesn’t sound very paranormal. But Olivia sees omens and the town of Cainsville as some very mysterious residents. There are flashbacks, a variety of fae. Mostly the Welsh variations, and I love it so much. Those who love smutty books will find a lot of that in here, and it’s just a really good series with some epic world-building.

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Reign of the Fallen – Sarah Glenn Marsh

I do see these gorgeous covers pop up sometimes. But I rarely see them included on popular queer book lists. And that makes me sad because I love these books so much. So, so much. A bi main character, other queer characters in the background and a focus on necromancy.

Odessa is a master necromancer. She helps bring the dead royals back from the shadowlands safely. But when the dead start attacking, Odessa loses someone that she loves. Someone seems to be doing this, and Odessa has to figure out what’s going on before necromancy brings the country down to its knees.

The covers are gorgeous. The language used is gorgeous. And the depiction of grief is so powerful and painful. It can be a hard read, but this duology was just wonderful. I always have to recommend this book when people want dark fantasy or queer book recs. Especially sapphic ones. I just…ughhhh. These books are so good.

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What are some series that you believe are truly underrated but you love?

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