Otherworldalong – Industrial Magic

Yeah, it’s that time of the month again. But this time I thought I’d try something a little different. We’re onto the fourth book on the series and the second book with Paige Winterbourne as the protagonist.

As I’ve said previously, we have a discord for this readalong. It’s pretty quiet, but there are channels for each of the books. This means you can catch up, and still easily have a place to discuss the books. It’s a long series so we’re going to be at this for a while. There’s also places to just chat generally as we should all make friends as we read together!

Life has changed for Paige since she was exiled from the coven. All she wants to do is mope in her new home, but the kids of Cabal employees have been found murdered. As Lucas is called in, Paige goes along with him to try to fix things and she wounds up a lot deeper than expected.

There’s obviously a lot of death in this book. And some of those characters killed are obviously kids. So if that bothers you be warned.

But there’s plenty of supernatural fun in this one to carry you through. With cabals, you get a wide variety of supernaturals and the council also make an appearance. This book really makes you want to think of how your own characters could fit into this world and I love that.

This book delves more into the cabal system. Though they were properly introduced in the third book, now you actually get to meet people from them and see how they work. The supernatural world truly feels more open here and you have a few of the narrators from previous books and future books popping up. This is the book that during the first read got me obsessed. So I hope you all love it too.

This book is a thick one and I’ll be starting this one pretty quickly and I’m not gonna lie. I’m excited to get back to this one. And to see all the glorious Paige and Lucas content too!

Interested in joining us? Let me know and I’ll send you a discord link!

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