Spring is In The Air – Spring Feeling Book Covers!

I don’t know about you guys, but I am so glad that spring is finally here. I’m not a fan of the winter, so the days drawing out and the weather warming up is heaven. And what better way to celebrate this than by sharing some books that have covers that make me think of the spring?

I won’t lie. This whole post could have just been chick-lit books. Those tend to be the books with pastel covers and floral patterns. So I’ve had to be a little creative with my picking. But I’m happy with what I’ve picked. Even if these books don’t make you think of spring, they’re still books I definitely recommend, so check them all out!

Girl, Serpent, Thorn – Melissa Bashardoust

I’ll be honest, maybe it’s just my Illumicrate edition that reminds me of spring with its very pink cover. But it has snakes and flowers on, things that make me think of spring. Going on walks, looking at flowers and hopefully not seeing any snakes. As cute as they are, I’d still rather avoid them.

Soraya is a princess who has been cursed to be poisonous to the touch. She’s been locked away her entire life, but on the day of her brother’s wedding, something happens. There is a demon locked away in the dungeons below and a boy outside who isn’t afraid to spend time with her. With these two, she could discover a cure for her poison. What she didn’t expect was the impact that her choices would make, and she winds up involved with demons in a way she never expected.

This is a standalone Sapphic Persian-inspired fantasy, and honestly, it’s really worth a read. It took me no time to read this book, and it might be a fun read this spring.

The Bucket List to Mend A Broken Heart – Anna Bell

This is the first of the chick-lit books on this list. Abi was recently broken up with by Joseph, and when he drops up a box of her possessions, she found a bucket list of things that she never knew he wanted to do. In an attempt to win him back, Abi decides that she’s going to complete the list to prove she’s his soulmate. The problem is that she isn’t an active or outdoorsy person, and Abi is going to need a lot of help to do this. By the time she’s completed the list… She might have discovered more of herself and met someone new.

I read this a few years ago, and I really enjoyed it. Anna Bell is one of my favourite authors, so this was an auto-buy for me. The colours of the cover are pastels with flowers and petals on them. Maybe it is a little more summery, but it still works for spring feelings.

This was a fun book. And definitely one you guys should pick up.

Shadow of the Fox – Julie Kagawa

A Japanese-inspired fantasy, the English covers are beautifully floral, so perfect for spring. The second book admittedly has a slightly more spring-like cover, but it still counts.

Yumeko is a half-kitsune, fox demon. She was raised in a temple built to protect a piece of legendary scroll. When it’s destroyed, Yumeko has to set out to take the scroll somewhere safe. She runs into Kage, a mysterious man who has a mission of his own when it comes to the scroll.

I won’t lie, I’ve still not finished this series. I want to, I really like them, but I just haven’t seen the book in a shop yet. I love Japanese stories, and one written by a Japanese author is a lot more fun. And, y’know. Accurate. I definitely recommend these books if you’re looking for a fun YA fantasy series.

The Cherry Tree Café – Heidi Swain

We might not be able to go outside and eat in cafes right now but isn’t this cover the perfect setting? Cherry blossoms are perfect for spring, as is chick-lit!

Lizzie’s life was turned upside when she was dumped. She winds up moving back to her hometown, and into the flat above the café owned by her best friend Jemma. Jemma needs her crafty skills to help fix up the café, and Lizzie loves it. Being back home means meeting an old-flame again, and as she tries to get over her breakup, she might fall in love again.

This isn’t my favourite Heidi Swain, but she’s definitely an author you might like if you like pastoral chick-lit. Villages, small towns and small communities. Not my favourite sort of thing, but Heidi Swain has a writing style that’s quick to get through and easy to enjoy.

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