Book Review: Rogue Untouched by Alisa Kwitney

I’m so happy that this novel series is a thing. Admittedly, this book is the only one I’ve read in it… But I love Rogue and have done since I was a kid. So this was obviously the way it was going to be. I was lucky enough to receive my e-book copy of this through Netgalley for an honest review. So thanks very kindly to the folks at Aconyte Books for that.

Rogue: Untouched is an origin story. It follows a young Anna Marie as she works to try to earn money to get out of the town she nearly killed her boyfriend in as a teenager. One day two mysterious people walk into her cafe, and she doesn’t realise that, together, they’ll change her life forever.

I knew I was going to love this book. What I didn’t realise was how quickly I was going to get through it. If I hadn’t kept getting distracted, I probably could have read it in one sitting. Straight from the off, you’re feeling for Marie. You want her to be able to get out there and when Gambit arrives. Well, you know you want them to help each other. Marie was someone who was struggling. But she was doing her best to do the right thing, and that made her likeable. Even if I’m a bit eeek knowing what group she’s actually been asked to join. But she was with them in the comics at first, apparently, so it makes sense.

I mentioned Gambit. And boy, do I love Remy. Childhood crush reignited in this book. A questionable charmer with a Louisiana accent. Why is that so attractive? I was definitely rooting for him and Marie but honestly? I’d have liked more build up there. It did kind of feel a little fast. I’d just have liked more interaction and fun, I guess.

The action in this book was good, and it kept it pretty fast-paced. The action did feel like something in a comic, and that was pretty well done. There was a variety of different mutations and seeing how they all worked really added something to the story. Other than Rogue and Gambit though, I only really knew two of the other mutants. I won’t say who as one is a spoiler. I know the bug girl was made up for this book because of the acknowledgements, but I don’t know if the other Mutants were. I liked them though.

Overall, I really liked this, and I might have to check out the other Heroines novels!

4/5 Stars


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