Mini TBR – April 2021

Hello guys!

I know this post is a little later than usual. Things have been a little chaotic at my end. And my brain has been a little bit of a mess too. If I’m honest, I only just realised this post was going to be late. But that’s fine, it’s my blog, so I can do what I like. Plus, it’ll still be up at the beginning of the month, so, y’know.

This is probably going to be a little shorter than my mini TBR’s usually are because, well, my reading hasn’t been going great. Where I usually wind up starting on my mini TBR books before the month actually begins – oops – this month, I still have three books on my current TBR. So, for once I should be only reading these books during the month. And since they’re not exactly tiny books, I want to be able to actually get through them all.

I also won’t be listing any ARCs this month. I do have a few to read including a manga book. But since none of them are published in April. And focusing on ARCs so much has exhausted me a little. I’m taking a break for at least the first half of the month. I’m gonna focus on reading books I’ve bought for a bit, but I should hopefully be getting some reviews up for those too. I will have a Manga ARC review coming up sometime soon, but I don’t include manga on my TBR.

So without further ado: my mini TBR!

Book Clubs

Haunted by Kelley Armstrong

Once again, I’m reading the next book in the Women of the Otherworld books by Kelley Armstrong for my readalong book club. We’re onto book 5, which is one of the books I’ve reread before, and I’m excited to get to it. This isn’t one of my favourites. But the plot is definitely interesting and a little bit different to the books before this.

And that’s because this book follows Eve Levine, the witch/half-demon mother of Savannah Levine. The witch who also happens to be dead. All Eve wants to do is to be able to talk to her daughter, but the Fates aren’t about to allow that. Eve has been a pain in their ass, and she owes them a favour. An evil spirit called the Nix has escaped from hell, and they want Eve to hunt the spirit down before it convinces too many people to murder others. The biggest problem? The only way the Nix can be killed is with an angel’s sword and that doesn’t exactly describe Eve.

This book is definitely enjoyable, and I’m glad to be reading this one again with my club. And to discuss it when we’re done.

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Other Books

A Sky Beyond the Storm by Sabaa Tahir

This series was a slow burn for me, but I am so excited to be getting to this final book. I adored A Reaper at the Gates, so much so that I had to preorder the Waterstones special edition of this book. So now I have this copy with gorgeous sprayed edges to read. It’s thick though so I am a little scared. But I’m looking forward to it.

After the end of the last book, the apocalypse is approaching. And Laia has had to side with the Blood Shrike. In the hope of destroying the Nightbringer and the Commandant. She’s lost the two people most important to her, and she’s struggling to deal with that. This fight could be the distraction she needs, or it could destroy her further. The Soulcatcher also needs the Nightbringer to be stopped if he wants to keep his vow to keep the supernatural from the human world. But to keep that vow, he may wind up destroying everything.

I’m expecting this book to destroy me. From what Sabaa said when writing and editing, I’m expecting there to be so much pain. I hope that no one I love dies. But I can’t even hope that as maybe that’ll make them more likely to die. Welp.

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The Quantum Weirdness of the Almost-Kiss by Amy Noelle Parks

This book was on my list of book covers I’m in love with that are being released in 2021. This book cover is so cute, and it’s cute under the dust jacket too. It’s not a book that I’d usually consider my thing. But I love this cover so much, and I got it in a book box. I kind of wish I’d read it in February, but it didn’t come out of the TBR jar until now.

Caleb has almost kissed his best friend Evie three times. But he could never bring himself to do it for one reason or another. Maybe in some theoretical universes, he did kiss her. But the real Caleb can’t bring himself to do it. Evie doesn’t think romance is worth it. She’d rather focus on math which is a lot less complicated. Will Caleb ever work up the nerve? And will Evie ever decide romance is beautiful and could be worth it?

I still don’t know what I’ll think about this book. I’m really torn. Part of me is so excited to read this book and give it a go. But it also really doesn’t seem like something I’d pick up on my own, completely adorable cover or not. But I’m hoping I’ll love it all the same.

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Dread the Harvest Moon by Sarah Glenn Marsh

This a companion novel to Fear the Drowning Deep which I actually only read last year, though I’ve known of it for a while. I finally got my ass into gear when this book was announced and was actually part of a blog tour for it! I’m so happy to finally get to this one. This book is supposed to delve into the fae, and with the variety in the first book, it’s safe to say that I am very excited. Which, if you know me, is rare for a book on the fae.

Liss has always followed the rules, but when she accidentally interferes in the fairy queen’s quest for love, she gets into a lot of trouble. She’s pulled into the world of Un-Mann, a realm as old as the Isle of Man itself and she gets set three tasks as punishment. She has to complete these by the night of the Great Harvest Moonlight, but she’ll never be able to do it alone. With the help of the town witch, she’ll have to own herself and create some new rules of her own.

I’m not the hugest fan of the fact these novels are supposed to be historical, but as someone who doesn’t know much about the Isle of Man, it doesn’t really make a difference. I did really enjoy the first book, and with this one being queer and written a few years later, I’m hoping to absolutely adore this one.

Amazon UK

That’s it for this month! Let me know what you plan on reading in the comments below!

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