Book Review: The Man I Didn’t Marry by Anna Bell

I wanna start this review by saying that Anna Bell is one of my favourite chick-lit authors. I’ve adored her books since I read Don’t Tell The Groom a good few years ago now. And I look out for her new books with excitement.

This is a book that I preordered myself before getting a copy of the physical proof in a giveaway from HQ/Harpercollins. So thanks so much to those guys. I was extremely grateful. It’s definitely weird having two copies of a book though, ha!

In this book, we follow Ellie Voss, a very pregnant woman with a 1-year-old daughter, the perfect husband and a house in their home town near his parents. Life is great until the day that her husband, Max, loses his memory. The doctor’s don’t know why or how long the memory will be gone, and Ellie has to accept that maybe it won’t come back. Max has no memory of the last five years, and because of that, it’s like he’s a totally different person. He and Ellie have to get to know each other again, and she hopes, fall in love.

I will say that I’m not generally the hugest fan of chick-lit where the protagonist is already married. If there’s going to be romance, I like to see them fall in love from the start. But this is Anna Bell, so I still had high hopes. And I did enjoy this book quite a lot. You still get to see dates, and you still get to see them falling in love. It’s just that they’ve fallen in love before.

Ellie is supposed to be pretty nerdy. She and her best friend used to geek out over sci-fi show, she goes to Comic-Con and even cosplays Wonder Woman. But I didn’t feel like I saw much of that. I was excited when the book began with her having been with her mates at Comic-Con. An event I like attending in London myself! But there really wasn’t much of that. The odd hint of it, maybe. It didn’t even feel very present when you actually see her doing nerdy things. Which, I won’t lie, was a disappointment. There was so much that could have been done with that, but ah well.

Other than that, I did like Ellie. She was sweet, a good mum and her friendships were pretty damn great. I liked seeing her make new friendships even if I wasn’t sure I’d want to get along with myself.

I liked Max more after he did lose his memory. He was suddenly trying to be the best husband and dad. He seemed like he was actually a pretty decent guy, even if he could be a little crude at times.

The romance was cute. I liked it when they actually started falling in love, though it was a little frustrating before then. I get that Ellie didn’t know what to do, but it seemed like she expected him to instantly accept everything that she was telling him. If she was in his situation, she probably wouldn’t be handling it well either. His mum lying on the other hand? That was even worse. I get that she didn’t want to upset him, but they didn’t know what the traumatic event was. What if it had been something to do with that? Lying really wasn’t going to help anyone.

This book was pretty fun, and I enjoyed it a lot, the few issues I had aside.

Anna Bell is definitely a top tier chick-lit author, and I highly recommend her books to all.

5/5 Stars


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