The Reading Slump Nightmare

Oh boy, I’ve been struggling to come up with content to write. And that’s down to the fact that I’m in a bit of a reading slump. That’s weird you might say. Writing blog content isn’t reading. And you’d be right! But it does mean that I’m low on ideas. So I thought, why not actually talk about reading slumps?

They’re something we all go through. And from what I’ve seen in a book blogger group chat. A lot of us seem to be suffering through them right now. Whether it’s that we’ve just read something so good that nothing compares, we’ve read too much, and our brain is too saturated; or just too much is going on, and we can’t focus. Reading slumps suck. We all want to be able to pick up a good book and devour it. We want to do that as often as possible.

But sometimes our brains just go….nah. Suffer.

And we just have to deal instead.

I’m not in a complete reading slump. I can still kinda read e-books, and audiobooks are my saviour. But I am very much struggling. I have all these books I want to get through, but I’m just…not. And then I’m getting new books, and I have things I agreed to review and ahhhh. Sometimes it feels like too much.

I’ve been taking a break and playing a game on my Switch. But I now need to take a break from said game whilst I wait for the new DLC coming at the end of next month. Bah. So I’ll either have to play something else and stop listening to audiobooks. Or just focus on reading again. I’ve not decided which yet.

Letting yourself take a break is the best way I can think of to try to deal with a reading slump. And if you do try to read, don’t pick up anything too thick or heavy. As that may lead to you feeling worse about not getting through it. You need to find something fun that you will want to keep reading. But still, something that you can get through easily. A novella might work well for this, or something like a romance, chick-lit novel or thriller. That seems like what would work best for me at any rate.

What tips do you guys have for dealing with reading slumps? Let me know down below.

2 thoughts on “The Reading Slump Nightmare

  1. Audiobooks are my savior, too. I have a long commute every day so I just listen to the books I want to read. I have been in a reading slump as well and most of the books I have been able to read are books I HAVE to read because I run a book club. I think sometimes we just need a break. Listening to audio is still reading so it counts!

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