How To Read More

If you wanna point out the irony of this post, following on after a post about being in a reading slump? Feel free. I can make it worse by telling you both of these posts have been written on the same day as I wanted more content.

But there is an actual reason for this post.

Generally, I read a lot. In January and February, I managed to read 20 books each month. In March, I read 29. This is a lot more books per month than I was reading this time last year, and it also doesn’t include DNF’s. I’ve learned a lot about myself and reading over the last year or so. So I wanted to share some of my tips to help out those people who wish they could read a little more.

I want to first say that it doesn’t actually matter how much you read per month. Doesn’t matter if you read 5 or 20 books. As long as you enjoyed them and are happy about what you read. But if you want to read a little more just so you can be enjoying more content per month? Then these tips are for you.

Switch Up How You Read

I read physical books, e-books and audiobooks. I know I can generally get through an e-book or audiobook more quickly. But I like having a physical book more. So making sure I have a mix of all three of these formats on my TBR helps me out. I can usually have two books on the go by listening to one audiobook whilst I also read a physical book or an e-book. That automatically doubles how many books I’m reading a month.

If I tried to only focus on one of these at a time, I know my reading would slow down. I’d get tired of reading physically or on my phone, or I’d get bored of listening to audiobooks as I have to be doing something else whilst doing it. So by switching up how I’m reading, it feels like I’m doing something different.

I don’t do this every other book, but sometimes a change in format or even location can really help you read more.

DNF Books

Seriously. Don’t be afraid to put a book down if you’re not enjoying it. I’m not saying give up on every book that you find a little slow. But sometimes, you’re just not in the mood for a certain book at a time. Or it’s so much that you need to take a break and read something else. DNFing that book for a week, a month or whatever until you do want to read it again is perfectly acceptable. Especially, with incredibly thick books.

But also do DNF books you’re not actually enjoying. Don’t force yourself to the end of a book just for the sake of completion. It’ll take you ages and probably leave you in a reading slump. You don’t want that. DNF books and move onto something you actually feel like reading. You’ll feel better for it.

Manage Your Big Books

I’ll be honest, I don’t read a lot of big books. They terrify me, and if I try to physically read one, I know it’ll take me ages. And by that, I mean anything other, 450 pages…yeah.

If I want to read a thick book these days, I usually try to do it in audio. I don’t mind if an audiobook takes me a good few days, as it’s something to listen to when doing other things. If I’m not in the mood, I don’t stress like I would a physical or an e-book. I also have the option to listen to on 2x speed and that helps me out so much.

There’s also something I’ve been trying recently, which only really helps if you are counting what books you read monthly and/or you have some kind of set TBR. But that’s got the thick books out of the way at the beginning of the month. My piles now start with the thickest and end with the smallest. This means that once I’m halfway through the pile it suddenly looks a lot less scary, and I know it won’t take me as long to read. As those one or two thick books? They’re out of the way with. And it’s a wonderful feeling. I used to usually end on a thick book as I’d have the largest hardback or whatever in size at the bottom for balance reasons. But ending on a smaller book feels so much nicer.

I know I’m going to struggle on a big book so helping myself out where I can is the ideal.

Let Yourself Mood Read Sometimes or Give Yourself a Mini TBR

Depending on how you read, this can count as a little bit of a switch-up. But hear me out.

If like me, you’re a servant to your TBR, then you generally know what you’re gonna be reading in the next few weeks or whatever. It’s helpful and can make sure you’re reading a mix of books and not a lot of the same. But sometimes it’s nice to just go to the hell with it, I’m throwing this book on top of the pile, or I’m reading that one now.

If you’re in the mood for something, you’re going to enjoy it a little more. And if it’s a series you’ve suddenly decided to get through now? That’s gonna be a load of books you’re likely speeding through as you’re excited to take a break and read them.

On the other hand, if you’re a mood reader, I know it can feel a little overwhelming. It’s wonderful just to pick up whatever you’re in the mood for and read it. But it can also lead you to sometimes not knowing what you want to read next. There are three or four books, and you’re having to ask friends which you should go with, and it feels less like a mood read and more like a stress read.

In times like that, it can help to pick two or three books up at random and make a mini TBR. It doesn’t have to be something you do all the time, but taking the choice away from yourself can be a relief. You know you can get through those books, then see what you feel like reading after again. It’s a great mix, and it just helps every now and then.

Those are my tips! If you have any that you want to share, then please leave them in the comments! If not, I hope this post has been a help.

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