April 2021 Reading Recap

I said a little while ago that I was thinking about doing some mini-reviews each month. And I’ve decided to make it a little bit more of a summing up. I’m not going to be listing all the books I’ve read each month. That would still take way too long. But I’m going to share some statistics too, as well as the mini-reviews!

I’ve read 18 books this month. That’s less than any other month so far. I’ve been slumping, unfortunately. And on top of that, only 8 of those books were books already on my owned TBR. A few of them were ARCs, and a few others borrowed books from Scribd or the library. I’m a little disappointed by this, so I’ll have to try a little harder next month.

As for how many books I bought…well…it was more than I read. That was for sure. I’ve not done badly any other month this year so… oops!

Now, let’s move onto the mini-reviews!


Well Met by Jen DeLuca – A fun and super fast read following Emily, a woman who has come into town to look after her sister. And wound up working as a wench at the renaissance fair. A must-read for lit nerds looking for something on the lighter side. I want the second book like now, but sadly have to wait. – 5 stars

Second First Impressions by Sally Thorne – Incredibly ridiculous but super easy to get through. Ruthie is essentially an old woman who is only actually in her twenties. When tattoo artist, Teddy, moves in next to her, she learns to love and let go a little. Pretty much an insta-romance, and yet enjoyable anyway. – 4 stars

The Quantum Weirdness of the Almost Kiss by Amy Noelle Parks – This less than enjoyable book had a cover far more adorable than its contents. Evie has never been interested in dating. Caleb has always dreamed of dating her. She falls for another guy, and he decides to catfish her as they enter a science competition. Quick to get through but so not worth it. – 2 stars

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